Non-appreciating Mother

As the 2nd child out of 4 children, I have been my Mom's little blacksheep. I therefore did extra things for her so that I could win her love. I helped in the house, I scrubbed the old slasto floor tiles on my knees, polished them...on my knees and shined them. I helped wash dishes and clothes but still to no avail.

When there was an argument between the children, I was always the culprit, according to her. She would slap me so hard on the head that I had constant headaches. I once told her that if I turned out to be dumb, it would be her fault.

My Mom wasn't a hug or kiss person. She was as cold as ice. Whenever I achieved something, she would just nod her head, turn and walk away. Like the time I became a prefect. My hair was full of glitters and my clothes full of toothpaste etc. and me and my best friend ran home to tell my Mother - all she did was say "Oh". "What did you do to your clothes - go and clean it"! and that was it.

My Mom and Dad had a terrible relationship and I was always there to console my Mother - it didn't count but when one of the other children came to see her - she was so appreciative that they took the time to come and console her.

All my life (I am now 53), I was the one who was there for my parents and even after my Father died, I got her a flat right next to me and is looking after her but when my sister or brother comes to visit - they mean the world to her and I mean nothing. She dislike my husband, my children and my oldest grandchild.

My Father adored me (I think he treated me special 'cos he saw how she treated me). He was the one that kept me standing and I started projecting all my love I had onto him. He was an alcoholic but perfect! The love I gave came back in fourfolds - bless him. I never blamed him for his faults because if I was married to my Mom...I would have done the same - he got all the love and attention he needed, in a pub. My Dad played the guitar and was a very funny and popular person - people adored him and so did the ladies!

Can one stop caring for a parent and not be punished by God, because He is so very close to my heart and I do not want to do anything to disappoint Him or go to hell one day??? My Mom doesn't want to stay with any of the other children or go to an Old-age Home.
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Funny, it's what my husband and children said but I thought it could be constuded as being selfish.<br />
I just always feel so fricken guilty!<br />
<br />
Thank you for replying - I appreciate your honest opinion and I should take note for a change. Mwa xxx