Stew And Dumplings...

my mother was married for twenty two years .... three children later and she declared herself a lesbian .. whatever makes you happy that s what i say... she had a good neighbour who was also her friend .. a good pal up the road too.... i remember the snow storm of "82 , she had warmth and comfort.. the love of a good enough man... three bright eyed , gorgeous children ... aunty nelly and uncle arthur where there for her too.... some of his family too..... a few other "mates" all in all a pretty good life i would say for twenty two years ...... and her being a lesbian too , i am a red blooded heterosexual .. estranged from my only daughter , no other children.. no good man.... no surround of family and one i state one good neighbour .. i ask the dear lord what i did wrong ... because my life is empty and her life was not ! but she is a difficult ***** and i cannot stand that she birthed me .... to live this life xxx
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Nov 30, 2012