I Am Frustard , and Cant Stand , Upset

i didnt happy  that my mom always looking blame on me and i knew that she kept lied to me.. she didnt beleive me what i told her .. she bother me about noise almost everynight... i told her to stop to nosie . she called me i am crazy or fake. this is make me **** off.. they didnt respect on me .. i always respect and helped her but i am frustard,hurt and emasserber.. she thought that i am stuipd deaf but i didnt. i am tried hard to defense myself.. i feel to start to hate her ..my mind " i cant wait to out of here".. she kept asked me she said i didnt need new man or move with him. i told her i said yes of course  and i will.. she made me sick.. i didnt feel not right and in my stomach... i am too hard to patient and i am pray to help me.. what  i do?

rosegal38 rosegal38
Sep 16, 2009