From Pregnancy To 3 Years Old

I can't write a book, due to my daughter always needing my attention, so I will just give the details.  From the moment I could feel her kick while pregnant, my daughter has been high energy, and very demanding.  She was a high needs baby, wanting to nurse 24hr 7.  I did not have her weaned until a few months before she turned two.  Now at almost 3 1/2 she still needs something to 'Drink' in her cup to relax her.  She is the apple of my eye, I love her to pieces, but tends to be overly sensitive on most things, she has always been a trouble sleeper.  But now that I leave her nighttime CD on repeat all night long, she sleeps through the night.  She LOVES to play with other kids, in fact she would spend all day and night playing at the park if I let her.  She will play until complete exhaustion. One moment she is so excited and happy and the next she will be screaming or crying.  I feel like I am a bad parent at times, because I always feel people are looking at me like I can't control my child.  I am super patient, but even a patient person gets strung out with a demanding child.  I think part of the problem is comparing my child with other children who tend to be much more mellow.  I don't know of ANY other children in my area who are Spirited.  Also my daughter does not get along with children a year younger then her.  She plays well with school age children or kids who are her age.  But it really has to be a child who is more advanced in social skills.  I think she gets frustrated with children who look like they should be able to communicate with her, but they can't.   She gets very frustrated with this, especially if a child takes her toy away without asking, she will scream and freak out when this happens.  I have tried very hard to teach her to ask before you play with a kids toy.  If they say No, or they do not answer this obviously upsets her.  I really just want other parents to understand where I am coming from. 
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My first born son was high spirited too! I knew I was a loving, patient Mom but couldn't take my eyes off of him for a second. If a child had a toy he wanted, no problem, just go over and grab it from them.......even if it was their toy! I was worn down and exhausted trying to keep up with him. By age four I sought out the help of a professional just to quiet the fears and embarrassment I was starting to let rule my life. Other mothers showed little interest in helping me, but did seem to enjoy complaining to me about my Son. It was quite a burden. Through therapy I learned how to deal with a high spirited child and not be so hard on myself. <br />
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Your child is probably extremely bright and you are in for a lot of years that he/she will bring you such pride with his accomplishments. My son is 27 now and his high spirited ways have translated into being successful in business, many friends because of his wit, sense of humor and intelligence. <br />
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You've got your work ahead of you to keep you focused on his special qualities. They do grow up and become outstanding adults.