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Two, In Fact

The first is in my chin. Not a Cleft; a very prominant DIMPLE! The second is in my right cheek, but I have to scrunch my face in a horrible contorted manner for it to be noticeable. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT! ;)

Quick, interresting fact: Elvis had a dimple(s) in his cheeks, too... not the ones on his face either!

So... where's your dimple??

emerald emerald 36-40, F 5 Responses Oct 11, 2007

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what's a cleft, did you mean calf? lol

But is it a dimple, or a cleft, PT?? THere's a difference! ;)

i have dimples on my cheeks when i smile, and i have a dimple on my chin. like kirk. lol

ROFL! You must be my mirror reflection! I got the Cowlick thing too! Right in the front, in the bangs! :(

I have a dimple in my left cheek. Never understood why the grown-ups thought it was so cute when I was a little girl. Then there's the cowlick . . .