Be Honoust.. Do You Have a Dirty Mind?

Answer these 4 questions for yourself....

  • A cow has for of them and a woman 2, what is it?

  • What  goes in hard and comes out soft?

  • What does a man standing, a woman sitting and a dog on 3 leggs?

  • Which englich word starts with F and ends on K?






  • Legs

  • Chewing gum

  • give someone a hand

  • Firetruck

  • Now be honoust... do you have a dirty mind?

    linda linda
    26-30, F
    15 Responses Oct 30, 2006

    I have a dirty mind!

    Add me please,cant message You

    LOLyes I do

    I was thinking "Funk"

    ****, **** ,******* an ****

    I got all the answers you thought I would get! Ha, ha!....good one!

    Oh I have a dirty mind but this little riddle didnt get me. I knew the answers to this well not the chewing gun one lol. I have a dirty mind much dirtier than others lol

    Oh Yea!!!!

    hahahaha..... tat was lovely!!!!!!

    My mind was way in the gutter :-)

    I have a very dirty mind....

    Loved it!.

    yea..the answer is not same with what .ve been that mean i'm dirty?ha³..i'm a bad boy

    Yup- now it's proven. I live in the gutter but look at the stars...and think about sex...hahaha

    Absolutely! And I didn't even need the quiz to figure it out! Although that was cute, too!