the Daily Grind And Fight

    to begin with. each morning begins with a cup of both green and earl grey regular tea,....and then the internal dialogue begins,....will I avoid my habit of thinking dirty thoughts //..or will I feed it by turning to the junk spam mail received each day through no conscious act of mine...that contains flagrant *****...being addicted requires a daily battle as if one belongs to    aa or some other recovering group....will I win today or will "IT" win..that is the question each day
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2006

Agree. Just open the ones you know are safe. If you are like me, my friends send enough dirty jokes to keep me in the safe area without any extras.

Hmmm... Well, avoid opening the spam mail. Just click the " empty " box,so you never get to preview what you fear you're missing out on.