More Accurately, I Have a Dirty Subconcious Mind.

I've had very little sleep over the past week, just due to too many commitments and my life being terribly hectic and busy. So, when I had a free hour yesterday, I laid down in our bed to nap.

Now, before I begin this tale, I should note the following:
1) I have a relationship with my wife that allows for other women in my life. Therefore, this isn't a tale of adultery, but it is integral to know my wife's role in this.
2) All names have--of course--been changed to protect the guilty

When I laid down, sex was the furthest thing from my mind. It's not been a week kind to my filthy mind, as I've had many stressors from all manner of different directions. So, when I laid down, first and foremost on my mind was drifting away into a slumber where I could try to regain some energy that I'd spent elsewhere.

However, my subconcious mind decided that I'd be better served by being reminded of a past event. So, this dream is not a wild tale of desire, but a replay of a night in my life some 6 or 7 years past. During this point in my life, I had a girlfriend, Tina, who was just barely over 18, so I could possibly be called a lech (which I wouldn't deny). But I have to say that from my experiences, younger women are the ones that seem to have fewer inhibitions as well as a want for experience. This isn't to say that there aren't exceptions to the rule, but when compared over time, girls like Tina were perfectly happy to **** me in a public--yet secluded place--and a larger sample of more mature women were primarily interested in missionary sex in a bedroom with the lights off.

Thus, on this evening, Tina showed up to my house wearing a skirt and a button down white shirt, which seemed odd for her. She's not the kind of girl to wear skirts. I wasn't even aware that she owned one, because most of the time, she wore jeans and t-shirts. She showed up on a night that I was watching television in our living room, and my wife, Rachel, was wandering in and out because of project that she was working on in her office. I should restate, Rachel was well aware of the relationship that Tina and I had. In fact, she could be pretty sure how the evening would end for me. So, it wouldn't have surprised me if this was some sort of plot hatched between the two of them.

Tina sat on the couch next to me while I watched television, and when Rachel was out of the room, she would do "things" to me. It started innocently enough, kisses, touching, and eventually she let me understand why she'd worn the skirt. At one point, when Rachel left the room, she quickly undid my jeans and stradled me for a few long moments, looking into my eyes with an evil glint that I'd become used to with her. Then, when she heard Rachel stirring, she slipped off pulled a afghan over my lap and sat "innocently" next to me watching the television. This went on through a television show and one and a half movies, until Rachel came in, yawned and announced that she was going to bed. She then kissed me and Tina goodnight and toddled off to bed, giggling to herself, I'm sure.

Needless to say, the sex that occurred a few minutes after this was none too brief, exciting, and...hmmmm...vigorous. Even though Rachel wouldn't have necessarily cared that what was happening in the living room, just the rush of an entire evening's foreplay being based around the possibility of being "caught" was enticing and extremely arousing.

And this was the dream that I awoke from, and such a lucid dream it was. I awoke with the Tina's scent in my nose, her soft moans in my ears, her devilish looks in my eyes, and a new smile on my lips. Thus it was very hard to be exhausted and tired with such a lovely memory poking around inside my brain. However, it certainly renewed my dirty mind with new material.
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as a more "mature" woman - I disagree. We are WAY more adventureous.