Ever Wanted To...

..break someone, just because they dared you?

So, not much of a story, but more of a thought and a question to spark discussion.

Frequently, I'm labeled "safe." In other words, I wouldn't make a move on a woman because I'm married. Ergo, I'm safe to tease and flirt with. Apparently there's also some assumption that also means that I'm vanilla.

I'm not safe. I'm anything but safe.

...and I'd love to break someone just because they dared me.
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4 Responses Apr 23, 2007

I am no longer married.<br />
<br />
Ergo, I am no longer safe.

ummm.... i'd like to be broken.

I'd rather flirt with a 'safe' man, ..and have.. because it makes me feel, welll....safe.

WOW! That was just about psychopathic! lol. The sad part is, some days I can identify with that! Should we be in strait jackets and padded cells??!!