My Fantasy So Far

We are in a hotel bar, there's music playing and people

dancing. When an older, distinguished man comes over and

asks me if he can dance with my wife, I say sure, if she wants

to. She gets up and he takes her by the hand to the dance floor

where they dance to a couple of numbers. We get a table in

the corner and he buys a bottle of champagne. We talk for a

while and find out about each other whenhe then asks my

wife for another dance. The slow numbers start up now and

he pulls her in close, she rests her head on his shoulder as

they dance, his hands drop to her waist. As the next song

starts his hands move onto her arse and he leans towards her

and kisses her gently on the forehead, she looks over to me

and I nod my head slightly, she looks up at him then leans in

and kisses him softly on the lips.....

They come back over to the table I'm sitting at and I ask him if

he would like a nightcap up in our room? He says he would

love to, and orders another bottle of champagne to take with


In the elevator going up, I kiss my wife on the lips and our

tongues search each others mouths, "how far do you want me

to go with this?" she asks me. "As far as you want to take it

babe, you know i'll always love you, just enjoy yourself this is

all about you" I answer. When we get to the room I put the

stereo on and he asks her to dance, as they move together his

hands move to the hem of her dress and he raises it so that i

can see the tops of her stockings and her arse cheeks. His

mouth moves to gently kiss her neck, she tilts her head back

as her hands rub his neck and her fingers run through his


He unzips her dress and it slips to the floor, she's dancing

with him in just stockings and suspenders a thong and high

heels, no bra. He leans down and takes one of her nipples into

his mouth so he can flick it with his tongue, this makes her

gasp out loud. She un-buttons his shirt and runs her finger

tips over his chest and stomach then down under the waist

band of his trousers into his pubic hair and over the tip of his

hard ****.

She slides his shirt off of his shoulders and undoes his

trousers, he steps out of these and kicks them over to the side

of the room. His shorts are bulging out at the front as his

hands take her arse and gives it a good groping.

I stand up and start to undress myself....

They kiss each other open mouthed, tongues fighting each

other her hands are in his shorts grabbing hold of his arse

cheeks, his hands are on her arse and they pull her in tight to

his body.

I am now naked and move in behind her, my hands go

around her body and feel her ****,her nipples are so hard. My

erect **** squashes up angainst her arse and i kiss the back of

her neck. "go on" I tell her, Her hands lower his shorts and

she takes his rock hard **** in her hand and starts to **** it

slowly up and down, this is the only **** she's ever had, apart

from mine. I take her thong down and she sinks to her knees

and puts the head of his **** into her mouth. I look at her and

it is one of the most beautiful and sexy sights I have seen,

another mans **** in my wifes mouth..... She takes her mouth

off of his **** and puts mine in as she looks up at me, " I love

you" I tell her. She sucks my **** for a minute then puts his

back in, she alternates between mine and his for a while then

says " my turn" and gets up and lies back on the bed spreading

her legs wide open. I tell him to go first, so he lays between

her open thighs and gently licks her wet *****, I sit back and

watch and listen to the sounds from the bed, I take my hard

**** and slowly **** it as I listen to him making my wife

*** with his tongue and fingers. She tells me she wants to

suck me as she's being licked so I get up and feed my **** into

her mouth, this sends her over the edge and she **** again. I

ask him to swap places as I want to taste her. He gets up and

she grabs his **** and starts to lick and suck him so I get

down and lick her **** and *****, my tongue slips into her arse

as she is so wet it has run down between her arse cheeks, this

makes her groan out loud. "someone please **** me" she says.

I tell him to lay on the bed as I want to see her ride his ****. I

watch closely as she impales herself on his hard member and

starts to ride up and down, the wet squelching sounds are so

sexy, she's so wet. " **** my arse at the same time" she tells

me. This is a first for us as she has never let me **** her there

before. So I climb on the bed behind them and line my ****

head up with her tight virgin arsehole, and gently slip the
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Wow, great story. My pulse is racing, so too is my imagination. What a wonderful evening!

My friend, this is one of the most beautiful and HOTTEST fantasy's that I have read so far, and I hope this comes true for you one day very soon, it certainly had me up and excited!!!! :)