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Id love to have an email friend to send dirty mails with wishes and dreams to each other.
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Hi. Are you still around? I have a filthy mind and would love to share really dirty thoughts and experiences with you

I,d Like To Find People To Send & Receive Dirty E-mails With.


I would love to have a friend like your hubby

My hubby is a junior high school teacher and is on<br />
the "grounds" committee. occassionaly this committe of 3 men meet at our house in the evening to discuss a problem. About 5 years ago <br />
they had a serious problem--the girls clothes styles<br />
were getting out of hand and what regulations should they impose.<br />
They decided there should a llmitation on inches above the knees for the skirts and they asked me to be a test model--shorten my skirt and sit down to see how short the skirt could be without the panties showing.. I'm not making this up!!<br />
I pulled my skirt up higher until they could see ny panties except I wasn't wearing any. Hubby laughed, one of the guest stared, and the other, who happened to be black, immediately turned away.<br />
I told the guy who was staring that he needn't look so hard and I'd give him a good view, and I parted my ***** lips so he could see inside. Ralph, the black man, kept his back turned and Jim was staring as though as though he had never seen a ***** before. Hubby thought it was very funny <br />
and said Jim was being unfair. He should at least show me his ****. Jim just stood there and hubby unzipped his pants and pulled out his **** for me to see and asked Ralph to quit being uppity and come join the show. Ralph said nno, he was going home, but he would take one quick look because he had never seen a white crack. When he turned toward us we saw a small bulge in his pants. Small, and all the stories about black being large!<br />
I commented on that and Ralph appologised for being small. He wouldn't unzipp but he let me do it and his ****, hard, was about the size of my thumb. Jims **** was about the size of a big pickle. <br />
By this time I had quit laughing. I had Jim get on the floor and I mounted him and got hubbys ***** in my mouth. Ralph was left out and hubby said he could have his turn as soon as I was through with Jim. Than Ralph astounded us. He said his **** was so small that he only ****** women in the ***! That was something I had never done. Anal had never even occured to me. Hubby told Ralph to go ahead and do it. Ralph spit on his hand. wetted my ***, and slowly shoved his ***** up my *** while I still had Jim in my ****. I was really surprised that I loved the double feeling, and my confession is that i had Ralph do it for me several times in the next year when he moved to another city and I never found another **** so small that I wanted an *** ****. All that was about 5 years ago.<br />
About 4 years later hubby said he had a surprise for me, he wouldn't tell me what. The doorbell rang and hubby told me to answer it. I opened the door and there was Ralph, dressed beautifully as usual, but unzipped with his little **** sticking out.<br />
Right there in the hallway I wetted my *** with spit, pulled up my dress and bent over, and Ralph ****** me in the *** just as he had several years ago. Not until after he was through did we say hello and how glad we were to see him. Helene

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