At the Doctors

Yesterday I went into a new Doctors office. After I signed in, I asked if there was a restroom I could use.

The secretary looks at me and says "You can go behind that tree".

I obviously had a questioned look on my face. She caught on and said "Behind you, there is a tree. You can go behind that."

Still looking confused I said "I only do that when camping or no toilets are available"

She started to laugh "No, the bathrooms are beyond the wall, behind the tree. You can use them. We are not THAT casual here"

ohnudeone ohnudeone
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8 Responses Nov 21, 2008

Peeing on trees. I was thinking of starting an experience called, " I like to pee outside..."

I knew a girl in college who could pee a stream on the wall while standing. None of us guys believed her, so one night while drinking, we dared her. She showed us, and we all had a new found respect for her abilities.

I have used a urinal!<br />
<br />
Uh, although you might not want to have been barefoot if you were the next guy to use it.<br />
<br />
Sorry 'bout that.... (be sure to rinse your feet before putting your socks and shoes back on)

You are just jelous. We do it because we CAN. LOL

You guys are just like dogs when you have to pee outdoors, you just have to find a tree to pee on. LOL!

Pick a tree, any tree.

I was wondering if it was a coed / unisex tree...

hahaha - what would she say if you actually started to go .....