My Mind Is Like a ***** Booth.

Most people have a dirty mind, but few have minds as dirty as mine. I tend to send out sex stories through text messages, and even on the phone I can be extremely dirty. I've even been known to send out cell phone **** to those who ask. All homemade, of course. Part of it is that I love to tease. Foreplay is one of my favorite things, aside from eating *****. I love it when I can make my girl wet with just words, whether written or spoken, and doing those things to them. It also helps that I am hung better than your average man, and am into about everything. There are very few things I will not do. I love to make girls wet and horny to the point where they explode at the slightest touch on thier ****. My mind is actually so filthy that I've actually studies medical books and other things like the Kama Sutra, Kundalini, and Tantra. I am also good at telling stories, and having a gift for words and imagery is a plus. So without further ado, here is a samply of how pervish I can be.........Just think about you neck being bit, not hard enough to hurt, but hard, while one hand traces you ear, up, then down to just behind, down your neck to you shoulders. You can feel my breath on your other ear, breathing in and out, making you twitch and squirm. That hand slides gently, using the back of the fingernail, back up your neck, down again to your chest, over your ****, lightly glancing over the nipple, circling, then focusing in on the nipple, pinching just a little, then moving to the other one, now the other side of your neck gets bit, you feel my tongue slide up to my teeth, feel the steel barbell followed by warm flesh. I slide my hand down your chest, stomach, right over your *****, barely touching, then I move to your inner thigh, stroke down, then up to that little tendon right next to your ***** lips, then the other side, before gently stroking your *****. I slide one hand to your *** and squeeze, other hand is sliding up and down on your *****, then I slip one finger in between those wet lips, moving it up and down, hitting the hole, sliding up and hitting the ****, then slide that finger inside you, finding the rough spot inside, rotating my finger on that before sliding it deeper inside to the cervix, stroking that and pumping my finger in and out. I drop my tongue to your nipples, swirling it around the nipple before sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my warm tongue, then the other ***. I continue to move my tongue down your stomach to your *****, and bury it inside you, you could feel it writhing and twisting, sliding out and up to the ****, sucking, flicking, lapping, moving up and down, from side to side making you ***. I come back up, and slide my thick throbbing **** in between wet ***** lips, sliding it up and down from the **** to the hole, down and back up, then I put it in just a little, pull back, in a little more, then out, a little deeper, then back out, until the whole length of the shaft is inside, you can feel it throbbing, pulsing, pumping, rotating in you, I move my hand to your **** and rub while I **** you, making you ***. I can feel it, I can feel your ***** tightening on my ****, milking it, begging it to spray. Your hips rise and fall as I work my way deeper and deeper, rotating my hips with every thrust, every pump. Just as I am about to ***, I bite your neck and begin to growl, you fee my **** grow larger still, as it prepares to explode, and as you ***, you feel the hot **** rocket into you, burst after burst after burst. I continue to pump, forcing my *** out of your ****, making it drip down to your ***, growling, biting.
Lucavi Lucavi
26-30, M
4 Responses Jul 22, 2007

Who the hell cares it all sounded great to me!!!!!

No it's not. That little rought spot is also known as the G-Spot. It's right behind the bone there. Then there's the cervix, which is deep inside, feels like a little bump with a hole in it. If you can't find/reach both, you must have short fingers.

"finding the rough spot inside, rotating my finger on that before sliding it deeper inside to the cervix, stroking that and pumping my finger in and out."<br />
<br />
Could I just say that it's physically impossible to do what you had us imagine you doing in the quoted text?

your words are tantalizing, but your actions are bliss. i should know. and im proud to say that ive had that experience first hand.