My Brain Is Filthy

Everything turns me on. I don't think there is much that won't try.
I wish I could find someone that would shock me. By this I mean some one that wanted to do something that I would actually want to say no.

Seriously, try me, I love it!
ThisIsNotBilly ThisIsNotBilly
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11 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Oh that is so f****** hott!!!!!

Hell YES!

ThisisnotBilly, Would you dress up in a kinky little costume from Lover's Lane and let a girl handcuff you to the bed and have passionate s-e-x with her on top and let her put edible lotion on you and lick it off?

Oh I just want to be the slient on-looker on this one... could get hot and heavy in here...

I don't know slutslider, try me out!

So what wouldn't you do ...ever not just depending on the girl. I mean not in a million years?

I heard that every culture had practices of drinking menstrual blood at one point, but MAN to hear that it is still done today- no offense but EWW

Yeah I just read that story, that guy needs some professional help.

Right way, barf, barf, this person got them out of a garbage could have been anyone's...But to each his own...

Well it depends on whose tampon it is, if the right girl asked (in the right way) I might do it!

The other day there was someone who liked to suck used tampons....