I Have a Dirrrty Mind !!!

I have a very dirty mind. Everytime I meet a new guy if he's hot at all I will be imagining what he looks like under all them clothes and even imaginine the size of his penis. If I like a guy alot I imagine us having sex together. I also have lots of guys who are just friends with me and I have exotic dreams of us having sex on a boat, the kitchen table, the staircase, my car etc. It is so weird and once I start thinking about it I can't stop. It makes me feel so ******* horny. Also a couple of guys always stare at my **** and I daydream about them playing with my ****. Last night my boyfriend fingered me and I was at work and couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt. I was with a customer and he asked me a question and I was so busy thinking about intamacy and stuff that I was like "What?" I think something is wrong with me, or maybe I really am a ****? any comments?
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yes well then you have me fooled. i think you are a gr8 person.

It's totally ok to be so sexual, as long as you continue to find a fulfilling outlet for it, whether that is self-pleasure or from your boyfriend, or both. It is commendable that you remain dedicated to your man in the face of your desires, but fantasies can be amazing and enjoyable, even if you never act on them except in your mind. They can even help keep a relationship fresh if you integrate them into your existing relationship. Of course, from experience, some are more fun if they ARE acted out for real...but that's me and by conventional standards I am not a "good" person. ; )

Make me envied...Since my Girlfriend is in another remote place, and we've been like this for a long time, starting from quarreling.<br />
Maybe I'd better get her with me on bed that I might thought about sex less. Whatever, imagination adds taste to life. I'll not give up.

TRUE story, I wouldn't lie about something this serious. However, I do have a boyfriend and wouldn't go sleeping around with other guys behind his back. It would be way too painful. I would never want to cause him heartache. Trust me I've been crushed by too many guys myself that were sleeping around with other women when we were exclusive. And yes I am obsessed with sex. I have thought in the past I think I have enjoyed it more than some of my boyfriends. I'm sure many women like sex. Lots of women are just too prideful to show it, but not me because when I want to get some, I want my needs to be met now, not in 3 weeks. Also sometimes maybe it's bad timing for them or they don't want to put themselves out there and are afraid some jerk will stomp all over them and break their hearts. Many women love sex, but each women is different and has different ways of doing things. And some women and men alike, live in sexless marriages, but lucky me ~i'm not married, but if I ever do get married it would be to my current boyfriend. I really think he may be the one and for the added bonus he is really HOT between the sheets. And I don't really know how much women think about sex and sometimes my "dirty mind" distracts me and I wish I had more self control, but when I am able to act on my thoughts it does bring me lots of pleasure and enjoyment. I also have all kinds of fantasies about me and my current boyfriend doing sexual things together and having new sexual experiences together and this is the part I would be willing to do in a New York minute !!!

If you are telling the truth, then I'm greatly relieved since I get to know that women could be equally, if not more, imaginative and desirable about sex as men.<br />
The next step is: should these images become true or never? That's a question bothering me.

I think you're great, your boyfriend is a lucky guy.<br />
You don't know how many women are the complete opposite!