I Have a Very Dirty Mind

I have a very dirty, dirty mind. Sometimes I wake up from dreams that are so exotic I feel dirty, even without doing anything. I have all types of fantasies about me and my boyfriend f****** anywhere we haven't yet. It gets me so wet. I've had sexual fantasies about us screwing in ranges from the movies and right at work all the way to in his parents house where he grew up while his parents are at the other end of the sofa watching t.v. I also like to read romance novels and whatever the sexual situation are to turn it into me and him. I daydream about it all the time. Watching Sex in the City makes me hot enough to give it to him on the sofa or floor. And when we watched **** together it got me so fired up we had sex until my hole was aching and he couldn't get it up any longer. I could hardly even walk the next day. Anyhow it bugs the hell out of me when I hear my friends act all judgemental and wants to act like I am horny all the time and want to throw that line at me that I'm a woman and need to control myself. I didn't see them controlling their sexually urge. That's why 3 out of 5 of my friends are knocked up ha!ha! so they can buzz off. Is it so wrong that I have a strong sexual appetite? And here's the other thing that kills me is everybody telling me I am too young. They're probably just jealous they're boyfriend didn't get in their pants yet.
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When i was with one of my ex gf a few years ago, i said to her that i wanted to have sex with her at least ten times that day and we did it. On average we had a deep peentration without condoms approximately every 2.4 hours, she was pantiless whole day and I underwearless whole day too. so much fun anywhere and everywhere. On the beach, car, public toilet, park, (i forgot some places we did it now) but i remembered we both counted 10.

OMG. Girl, you just read my mind. I must have a really dirty mind too. Omg, My freakin pants a wet right now from reading this story... Your Awesome!

Go for it, I'm 53 and my Babe is 47. we make love, **** or rut several times a day when we can. Anywhere we can. We message filth to each other to explore our wants, desires and fantasies. Some we do, others we might get arrested for and others impossible. LOL. One Moday she "smiled" every time she sat down at work. I love her to bits.

i feel the same way except i'm a virign and i've been with my boyfriend for 3 years now and we have phone sex all the time and he fingers me alot in my car. i love it when he touches my breasts and sucks on my nipples until i scream with pleasure and when he fingers it feels so good i just cant wait till we actually do it..his **** is really big..does it hurt the first time? im so scared of the pain but i lovehim so much i just want him so bad. im horny all the time, in public, and i think about sex more than a guy.. sigh jus talking about this gets me horny..w/b i love cyber sex too

We all have good imaginations and strong fantasies and if you have a willing perso to carry them out with you should.

I think its good that you get laid like that. im always horny and i dont have anybody to Fcuk. I always have to "do things myself" if u know what i mean, Man thats hot Msg me with more detailed stories. Lol..

It's never too early to have lots of sex with someone you're that attracted to...and yes your friends are jealous because now that they're pregnant they're not feeling as attractive and wish they could be getting it as hard and as good and as often as you are. Keep it real, I for one will never call you a **** (wink)!

Screw those people, being horny is a good thing, look at all the people and all the stories in the "I live in a sexless marriage group" trust me all guys wish they had a girl like you.<br />
That's f'ing hot tell us more!