Im Dirtier Then My Husband At Times

My husband thinks i have the worst dirty mind ever.....I can talk and make up stories from experiences and non experiences and he some times gets horny or turned off. I think it must be a family gene that we get this from. lol
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Have you written about your fantasies here? Hope do. I've gotta go look now ;)

I've found it possible to talk on the phone starting the conversation from my place,driving or taking a train or bus,keeping the conversation nice and hot,asking her to leave the door open,and by the time I get to her and just lightly brush her skin,she's litterally high,wet,hot and gasping for air!<br />
<br />
The most erotic part of anyone's body-is THE MIND!<br />
It's not dirty talk,it's creative imagination,I have an amazing one,and it's better than viagra-51 years of training and I've NEVER had any premature shots nor a gun that won't go off.Never been soft,always ready,as my mind can take her and myself ANYWHERE!<br />
<br />
Imagination is music for sex.<br />
The more ideas you get,the more ideas you'll have!

i love to talk dirty to my hubby and i love it when he talks trashy to me it gets me wound up i have to becareful i dont hurt him i get tooo passionate some times

I have a very good imigination myself and the story telling got an x girlfriend and I in a unbelivible situation eventually. Although it was great at the time, It was our downfall after a while also. <br />
But I still get turned on when I think about it. lol

I am the same way. It is a "hit or miss" with my wife too. But when she loves the story I dream up she gets so aroused by it. she told me once her and her girlfriends were talking and they asked her if it ever got boring, doing it with me. and my wife's reply was, "I am never sure who and how I am going to get it with my husband, due to his erotic imagination". I took that as a huge compliment. the erotic mind is a terrible thing to waste. Use it and enjoy it...

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Well I guess it would depend what you tell him, lol. Guys probably say worst things.