I'm a Dirty Girl

Last year my boyfriend and I submitted erotic pictures to an art show (The Dirty Show).  They were pictures we had taken of each other.  We each submitted four pictures and we each had two accepted for the exhibit. 

Because we were exhibiting, we got free admission to the show for its duration.  We hung around by each of our pictures, nonchalantly listening to people's comments (we weren't identifiable in any of the pictures -- at least not with clothes on).  It was a real turn on to hear what different viewers had to say...

By the way, in order to exhibit at the show, our work had to be for sale (we are not professional artists), and we sold a picture -- "Cupid's Dart".  Any guesses as to the content?
cani cani
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1 Response Feb 18, 2007

Golly and I am a soap salesman. Why I could have sold a whole box of soap to you and then you would have had a clean mind again. Oh well I can't be everywhere at once.