Sometimes I run into trouble.

Those whom I love, like, fancy, adore or am fond of are not that many but there's more than one.  I really care about them all.  This causes a problem sometimes.  Conflicting interests, sensibilities, feelings that are easily (or not so easily) hurt.  I also understand all those complexities.  The heartache is always mine too.


From time to time I feel guilty for my heart being too big.  For my insatiable craving for love.  For that weakness...

How comfortable it is to be indifferent for temptation.  I am a happy man.  I have a wonderful wife.  I never ever think of leaving her.  Yet I'm attracted to women all the time.


I wish I could be like most women, perfectly happy with a match made in heaven.  Probably that happiness is beyond my reach.  I see a slender leg, an angelic  face,  divine cheekbones, naughty lips or eyes like burning coal and I'm lost...


It's so trivial, but I have such a dirty mind that I better stay home...

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

thank you for recognizing my state of mind, Ward!

He he he, Sylph, sometimes I need to...

Polyamorous...I don't think it's unfortunate, More...embrace it as a grace for having the capacity to love more.<br />
<br />
But yeah...maybe it can give you troubles here and there............ Can you run fast? ;)