My Secret Online Sex Life

I have from a young age from about 13 years old fantasized about the girls from my life, such as girls from my high school and friends (as most guys do). But from this age I was already miles a head of my friends when it came to knowledge about sex thanks to the internet and my popularity with "the older kids". From this I had gathered an instinct out of nowhere to search for the girls I fantasized about on the online friends list on Bebo, (an old social site for kids popular in Britain) and print there pictures off so I could then get some privacy and **** to their pictures in privacy in my room. From this you have probably already guessed that while ************ to these pictures it always resulted in me ******* on there face on the printed piece of paper. Is was always sexually active at a young age and I felt the more I *********** to a girl (it varied from time to time, new pictures of my hot friends would change my preference) the more I would find that girl attractive. This was a regular daily occurrence, and I was successful in a few cases where I did have some sexual fun with these girls. Later on in life when I was 15 I met this girl called Victoria which I happened to fall in love with, she was gorgeous and had long blonde hair and was very athletic, she had freckles and a cute face. It took me 6 months to actually have sex with her, but once I had we were crazy for sex almost the time. We were both young and the relationship lasted a whole 6 years (until recently, I'm almost 22 now). But there is a secret to how our sex life became so dirty and filthy and I'll let you know how. After the first 2 years everything was great and we were having sex about 3 times a day and it was amazing. But all the meanwhile I still had this secret life where I would still ********** to other girls and at this point my mind had been corrupted by the internet and my minds objective to learn more on sex and it's variations. I wanked and fantasized over my girlfriends friends, people she knew and also guilty enough her younger sisters who were 13 and 14 by the time I was at this level, I was 17-18. Then one night my girlfriend Victoria walked into my house unexpectedly and walked into my room while I had a picture of one of her friends. Victoria immediately picked the laptop up and scrolled through the folder of everyone I *********** to over the years and she cried and stormed off. Eventually we made up about the whole thing and I promised to never do it again. Sometime then passed and we were back to normal, or so I thought when one night while we were having sex everything changed.

This night she was so horny and riding on me as this was her favourite position. She implied that wrote should try new things yo keep the sex life going, and she was extremely horny. She knew I liked lesbians so she stated to talk about what she would do to a girl while we had sex. She could feel my **** inside her get rock hard and could tell I loved it. She would never name a girl in particular but instead just talented about a girl in "general." This happened for a few weeks until this was no longer enough either. This dirty talk while during sex then turned to talking about having ********** with celebrities, only female ones. My girlfriend new I could never handle her talking about a guy to me which is very hypocritical I know but she was happy with the whole bisexual fantasy herself. Eventually the night came we were so horny talking about her and a celebrity sucking my **** with her h until I sprayed their faces with *** etc. Then I hinted at trying some new people as we were running out of hot celeb females to talk about. I was brave and hinted a friend of hers, she went so angry, but at the same time I felt her ***** get so wet. She went mad and I said for forget it, and we agreed not to do that. Her friend was called Yasmin, at this time they were good friends and that was the girl I suggested to talk about. Anyhow, we continued to talk about celebs when Victoria suddenly became more Horner than usual, I could tell she was thinking about something. She was getting so horny and was about to ***, she was talking about a girl in third person again...but was so much more hornier. We both got to the point where we would *** at the same time, when suddenly Vicky started gyrating like crazy and cam close to my ear an moaned "yasmin!" Right in my ear as she came. This made the two of us *** uncontrollably, moaning with pleasure. Yasmin became the subject of our sex life and she was hot. Vicky would sometimes get on her knees after talking about Yasmin and pretend to be her, saying over and over "*** on my face baby, *** on Yasmins face, *** on my face its yasmin, mmm." She would do this while rubbing and pouting her lips, which made me *** so much. We did this for about 2 years and eventually the fantasies became much more explicit and involved my girlfriend and many of her friends, even a few of my ex girlfriends! Victoria did at times go mad at me and became extremely jealous when other girls would be around me, but the arguments were always worth it because I loved the dirty sex.

One time I even suggested a name only by the first name, which was Jade. Vicky immediately reacted by saying "my sister jade?" I guilty replied "no, another jade, you don't know her." She said no.. and carried in talking about the usual girls we liked. Later in the sex that night she decided ok then I will say Jade's name but said to me "your sure it's now my sister?" Which I replied "no I swear!" She started moaning her name and felt that this was probably making me hornier and harder than I'd ever been before. Victoria could tell that overtime she was talking about Jade this would drive me crazy and I knew that Vicky really knew it was her sister's name she was moaning. Her pyssy became so wet because my **** was so hard and she loved this, she never admitted to who it really was she was thinking about but it was a rare treat when she mentioned the name Jade.

There are many more sexual experiences about that, but over the past year, and now that I have become single, I still have to have these sexual fantasies. I've used other sites and media such as and Skype as a substitute to this, and is quite enjoyable to be honest.

Has anyone else had experiences like this and would like to know more, and discuss it. I still do this to this day and fantasize about various girls, but I now get other guys and girls to talk about that girl, send them pictures of them, get the guys to *** on their pictures etc.

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Can't wait to read more, and how u get the guys to *** on their pics, great story ;)