Spina Bifida

I was born with Spina Bifida.

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in the past SB has been called open spine as the spinial cords failes to form all the way for some reason<br />
that was an increased in nuber right after veit nam vets started to have children for some reason<br />
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as a child i had som propblems mosutly with weakness and control issues below level S1<br />
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a few years ago after some x-rays and testing i was told if i was a child today i would have SB<br />
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in 1967 i was involved in a plane crash that left my body pretty broken for a long time

if you don't mind me asking but what is it?

I have one leg shorter than the other. This has caused my backk to tilt and has given me constant back pain. One day a chiorpractor suggested "lifts" for my right boot. The 7 mm lift corrects the tilt and the back pain has been greatly reduced. After that I discovered "inserts" for my boots that keep my feet at certain positions. This has helped too.<br />
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While I know this is not a solution for spinal bifida, I mention it here for anyone who has back pain, for it is an in expensive way to correct some of the problem.

Thanks. I injured my back in the mid 70's. Over the years the damage has gotten worse. Where I used to do 20K VolksMarches, I now have trouble getting through a store shopping and walking through the mall kills me with pain. I also can't carry more than a shoe box without it feeling like a dagger to my spine. I only had x-rays before, last year was the first MRI and what you describe is not what bothers me. I was just wondering so thanks again for the explanation.

I've spent my life with back troubles, it is a major part of my being granted my disability. What exactly is Spina Bifida?

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