Living With A Disabled Spouse 25 Yrs And Taking Care Of Others All The Time

My husband became disabled from a drug used to treat shingles and the 1 in 1000 reaction he got which was avasclular necrosis of both hips
at the age of 38.this auto immune disease caused 2 bone graft from his lower leg into his hips.One failed requiring right total hip.he also was diagnosed with fibromyagia, chronic fatigue and has 2 ruptured disc and arthiritis.Seven yrs, ago he underwent triple heart bypass surgery.And several times he would not be here today if I as a nurse didn't stop stupid things they tried to do to him,After 9 days at hospital brought him home for 2 days and noticed his respirations were to rapid.Back to the hospital with multipe blot clots in lungs and legs.One month later back to hospital with pneumonia.After his bypass he came back a different person mentally but never came back feeling like he should have has SOB,fatigue and uses OX2 and cpap. His memory is terrible and they think he could have either stoked or is in early signs of alzihmers.He is like a child and we haven't made love for years.Not only that he moved to another bedroom for a bed that is adjustable for his med. needs.He had what we thought would be a simple sugery about a yr ago an umbilical hernia repair that got infected with stalp and requiring me to do sterile drsgs last 4 mos everyday.During all of this had to take care of mother with mutiple problems and alzthimers and dad a brittle diabetic and parkinson ds as welll as work and take care of patients.But to make it even harder I went through 3 floods that devastated our home each time and when we did move we went through a house fire.Needless to say I wish someone could care for me. I am struggling physically financially and emotionally continuing to watch my husband deteriate and now the dr. says he has to have his hips replaced..I need all the prayer and support anyone can offer.
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Wow... My prayers to you. No one should have this much hardship
So sorry. My problems seem trivial.

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so sorry...):

I know you posted this over a year ago but I just read for the first time. I am so sorry that you have gone through all that. Seems there is no relief. I pray for a community of people to help you and that the Lord will lift you up and give you strength. That peace will come to your life so you do have an opportunity to care for yourself.