I Can't See The Future

I am 58 and I have been taking care of my life partner whom I love and he has MS. I moved in with him 6 1/2 years and we dated for 2 years before that. We were also engaged for 2 years when I was in high school 41 years ago. I help with his care and I work too. Some days his demands are quite exhaustive. My concern is that he has had his ex-girlfriend as executor of his will for 20 years, they broke up 12 years ago. He is just now changing it to his daughter. I have no idea if I am in his will or what will happen when he passes. I am scared because I will have no income or place to live. We do not have a lot of money and I don't expect any, but I feel I deserve some kind of consideration. I have tried to talk to him about the will but he won't discuss what it says. I don't want to move out, but I feel as if I am of no importance to him other than as caregiver . I know for a fact if I leave his children will want to put him in a group home and that is the last thing he wants. I have always said I would keep him in the home he built as long as I could. How do I talk to him about this and if he won't talk to me do I leave? I know these are decisions I have to make, but any input you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank for listening.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

ULTIMATUM! He either leaves you with some means for all your dedication n hard work or your out of there....otherwise you will come to regret

I was with a man for abt 5 1/2 yrs. He surprisingly up and died...because wr were not married his snot face daughter got the house n all. I regret not doing something then.
I married now for I didnt want to be the free hand maiden....
Honestly for all it is worth your better off alone

Honey, If he refuses to discuss his Will with you and you have been there by his side out of love I have to question his intentions? You are Not wrong to have concerns for your own well being and future. I have to wonder what he is thinking? I have a friend whose sister was married for many years and her husband becam terminally ill and he promised her that the home he had bought earlier would be left to her. Less than a month after his death she had to move out because he Willed it to his parents. She had to move out and to another state to live with family. She was the Only one caring for this man and in the end she was left homeless. Take care of Yourself.