I Need One.

I am thinking of posting one to my profile that says, "I'll unintentionally do something to **** everyone off at some point or another.  So, just keep going because I don't need ANOTHER reason to feel bad."

BellasHappyPlace BellasHappyPlace
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9 Responses Dec 25, 2009

I sometimes wonder if I'm offending anyone, like when I said I didn't believe in AA. It just wasn't for me. But your experiences are your experiences, and you shouldn't get flak all the time for being yourself.

**hugs FG**


I'd love some reall nice hugs!

sometimes you have to hug it out for a while.

I wish I could, that would be great. I live in the Southern US.

I am sorry. If you lived close enough you could hang out with me and some of my EP friends here. ((hugs))

That is how most adults would do things, unfortunately, not everyone is wired to think the same way. Now I get to feel like garbage on Christmas, lol!

Awww I would still like you if I got upset. We would just have to talk about it.