I Had An Insane Life

I was the sixth child born to a very sick woman. She took oldest four to the sitters and never came back, us two who were 1 and 3 she abandoned and left. After days welfare was called. I was in really bad shape. We got fostered out then separated and adopted. This is NOT where things get better, try to follow me here. My adopted mothers sister was the one who wanted me, the courts would not grant the adoption so my adopted mom adopted me and gave me to her sister.. A couple years later they had a fight and too hurt me my legal adopted mom took me back. At about age 8 she made it clear she could never love me, I didn't guess this, she told me so and often. She never hit me but emotionally and verbally made fun of me and my neediness daily. My adopted. Father stepped in to make things better, I became more of a mistress to him than a daughter. Meanwhile my natural sister and her daughter are murdered, a natural brother drows, another dies in Vietnam nam. Then my adopted family starts dying in vast numbers. Sorry can't go on.
Jazzdame Jazzdame
1 Response Mar 23, 2012