My Journey

Where does my story begin? I will keep this short: As a small child I went through numerous types of abuse, mostly ritual. However, I moved between biological family to foster family's often so the abuse occurred in spurts. That is until I met my father. I lived with him for a few years, in a houseful of drug addicts. My dad worked 3 jobs so he didn't know the extent of what was going on.

Abuse occurred during that time. I was 10 when I was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia. I started to hang out with more than imaginary friends and I segregated myself from real people. Certain family members called my "friends" demons and took me to church to help me.

That is when one of the voices manifested into "Christina", though she is no longer around.

by fourteen years old I still had several problems. My step father beat us and I got mixed up with a guy who took advantaged of my secret dissociation issues.

After years of practice I finally put enough boundaries and a tight enough grip on my "schizophrenia" to make it barely noticeable. Most people didn't have a clue and the ones that did thought I was just joking.

About 2.5 years ago something triggered me and I lost my grip on what is now known as JEAJI.
JEAJI is the acronym made of the names of the Others. I have been recovering, and re-learning ever since with my best friend who met me again and again during that time.
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I'm sorry you deleted...Love your inner people. Love them. Don't let them hurt you or others, but they need and deserve your love.