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Recently my space out are more common and i dont know why, Im walking to my home and suddenly i think "I dont want to go I prefer to walk random for the street", and other voice inside saids "wait! no, you have to go home its too late and dangerous", and the other voice is like: "No, i prefer to walk" and sudenly i realize... oh my god there is a conversation in my head and when I realized I was walking away form my house, i practically have to forzed my own body to go home.
And today it was just shocking! It was 2 pm and I was in my house and i was hurry cause i had a test at my university my mom asked me: what ... are you late again? i smile and said yes im coming home at 8:00pm i have a test.

In the night she called me angry on the phone
mom: where are you?!!
me: im going to my dance class
mom: why dont you tell me? its late! and ..what about your test?
me: What test? you are wrong i didnt told you that,
(she repeated the cuestion like 4 times and I denied)
mom: okay its your life... bye

when i hung up i was confused and suddenly i remember "oh!! i did take the test earlier." So when i got home you can imagine what was expecting me, i told her that i was so sorry that i didnt remember when she asked me about the test, she was so angry that she even looked at me, (something similar happened to me twice last week, so she's not trusting in me anymore) She accused me of being dating someone and i was lying about going to college to go out with him, i denied that cause its not true, and i laugh about it because the situation was so ridiculous, and she got more angry, she just said:Now im starting to understand what kind of person are you...
I was so SAD! and the worse part is that i cant tell her that i have this disorder.... i just canĀ“t!
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Sorry you going through this on your own.
When parents know the facts they have a more understanding reaction.
If you can see a therapist and they can explain it will help you and your Mom but no pressure all in your own good time.


Well I think it is a good thing that you expressed it.

Perhaps you could go to a "authority figure" on the subject, like a doctor, and ask him/her to help you explain it to your mom?

Hi, thanks for answering.
But im not ready to tell her.... =(