I Think... I Dont Know. Alice Is Against Going 2 The Doctors Xp


I think I do. Im pretty sure I do. Im going to the docs about it soon. Tomorrow if im lucky. 

I have people in my head. I have voices and personalites. I have  really bad memory and blank spots in my past. 

I watch things from above. Watch another person take over. Let them deal l with it. I dissociate from my past and from my feelings.

I have for years now been watching the world as though any second now it would shatter into amillion peices. I have sat there and suddenly been surpiresed other peopl have brains. I have seen them as if they were robots. 

I am not all there xP i can type so really weird things, i dont have complete control. Im 15. 

Lil xxx

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...urg not good. I just cant seem to say it. Im scared that the doctor will just sit down and laugh at me. Im in there all the time and really people in my head ... i dont explain it properly, i have been told 'i think every teen has people in their head'... i dont think they quite understand... :/ And also about the world cracking bit... so basically we got sidetracked onto the memory bit and not much else. I wish i could just tell him but im petrified of them. Im used to trying and making people happy. I feel like im letting someone down everytime i go there. :S well he want to c me in a month about my blank spots, so we'll have to c.<br />
Lil xxx

None of us have complete control, even those with only one person in their head to deal with. But getting checked out is a good thing, you can begin to learn to accept and maybe work towards getting better or restoring the system to just you. There are many options out there for you. And talking in sparodic terms is ok here many do that, it just means several parts are trying to talk at the same time. Please feel free to share what you like here.

How did your appointment go?