No Matter What You Look Like, It's Never Good Enough.

Even if you have been blessed with conventional beauty, you probably don't even know it. The prettiest of girls are taught from a young age to not see themselves as special in any way. They aren't encouraged to have high self esteem because people automatically assume they can see the beauty in themselves, so they think they have to take them down a peg so they're not concieted. There are so many girls in this world who are so beautiful, but they can't see it, or they have been brainwashed into believing it isn't enough. The most beautiful girls will tear themselves down and pick apart their every percieved flaw because people who saw the beauty in them chose to tell them what was wrong with them instead of what was right.
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i have a distorted self image of myself but not in that way. Then again, every girl somewhat goes through the same.

Tere is anther side to this form my studis back in the day, I and others have found that those who are conceited, are the worse ones to een attempt t get to know or get close to. <br />
I heard a remark from some who said I don't need to have a degree to make it in this world, my looks will get me what I want. My jaw just dropped and I had to wonder if this i the norm or just a dream for them.<br />
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Oh congrats on your high score in your english, Well Done !!! See? you have proven than it takes more than just beauty to make it, you have both :O)

Its true. I still look at myself and find faults and flaws. I'm always looking at ways to look better and no matter what I do, it's never good enough, even though I have been told I'm pretty I still don't see it. Sometimes I just don't bother competing and spend a week or two in yoga pants, t-shirt and fuzzy slippers and hide from the world. Unfortunately the world never goes away.

Very perceptive.

This is how i've felt my whole life. I AM a pretty girl. But not pretty enough for 'society's standards'..

You were raised by douchebags O_o

your opinion about who or hw she was raised, doesn't hv any bearng on her life today. Calling her parents ths wasn't called for

you're a bad parent too. get over it.