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Dream Doctor Exam

I am sure I am not the only one out there, but, as a guy, I have always wondered what it would be like to have my exam be a little more sexual, something like this.....

The nurse leads me to the exam room and takes me inside. She tells me to sit so she can take blood pressure and pulse, the usual. I sit in the chair because the stirrups are up in place on the table. She didn't notice and I didn't say anything. She finished up with the blood pressure check and pulse and stood up to go. She turned at the door and told me to take everything off, cover with the paper and sit on the table. I ******** down naked and went to the end of the table to sit. Felt odd but I was just curious. I scooted back and I lay down and tried to get my feet in the stirrups. I had just got comfortable and it felt hot, being so exposed.

Thats when I heard the quick knock and in comes the doctor. I was caught, he looks up and chuckles. Big smile on his face. Said it was cute. Asked me if I was ready for my exam I just said yes with a red face.

I got my feet and legs out of the stirrups and sat in front of the doctor. He went abou this business, checking lungs, eyes, ears, nose, throat, heartbeat, feeling me along the way. Told me to lay back, I did, felt the probiing of my stomach, as they get lower I start to feel a little excited. I am sensitive too much sometimes, then the hand slides under the paper cover, I start growing. I felt the hand brush my **** and that ended any thoughts of not getting a hard on. They finish and proceed to check my legs, inner thighs and I am rock hard now, Doc tells me to stand up over by the stool.

I stood up in front of the stool as the doctor sat down. He reached up and started pulling on my ****, looking at it closely, checking from top to bottom. I was very hard now. He reached under and felt up each of my balls, one at a time. Roling them around between hins fingers. If he didn't stop soon I was going to explode. My **** was pointing straight at him when he looked up. He chuckled again. He told me to turn around, and before he could finish, I asked him if we could do this last check with me in the stirrups. I told him I always wanted to but never said anything. He said if thats what I wanted.

He walked back to the door to maske sure it was locked. Satisfied that it was he came back towards the table as I was getting my feet and legs up. He said hold on, let me help you so you will be comfortable. He held my legs up one at a time and made sure I was in and comforatble. He adjusted something, the table moved, I don't know for sure what it was. I just know that I felt totally exposed, legs spread very wide, *** in the air a little, and pointed towards the door.He told me to hold still for a minute. This check isn't exactly the same as when you bend over. I need more lube I think.

He went to the cabinet and pulled out a full thing of KY. He walked back down between my legs and I felt his finger rubbing KY all around. I felt his finger push inside and I moaned just a little like I always did. it felt good. I felt his finger going in then all the way out a few times. I asked him about it. he said I needed more lube in this position. I said okay. I told him it felt good and I was ready whenever he wanted to do the check. He said okay.

I felt something pushing in and it made it all the way inside. It felt so good. I thought it must be the extra KY. I felt it moving in and out a little. Then I felt it move in and out and he kept moving it. It was feeling really good. I tried to see, but couldn't. I lifted my head and shoulders up far enough to see the doctor was between my legs moving his whoile body up and back. He saw me looking. He stopped. He looked at me and asked me if he could finish what he was doing. I said yes, it feels good doc. And I will expect this everytime I come back too, okay. He said okay, but only for physicals, other appointments are too short. I told him I would think of ssomething. He said okay.

He started moving in and out again. As he ****** me I felt so good. I grabbed my **** and stroked it in motion with him. We both came at the same time. He filled my *** with his ***, I shot all over myself with mine.

He pulled his **** out and it wasn't real big, but not too small. He told me the KY would come out on it's own and to not worry about it. I told him this was out little secret, but it wasn't going to be the only one. He did have a nice looking ****. If I can't have it back there, I would definately suck it off during my next visit.

Now if only this would really happen....and I am willing for it to be a woman with a *******!
jimz2 jimz2 51-55, M 16 Responses Feb 28, 2011

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What a hot fantasy <br />
Go to Docs twice a year for "check ups" - with a nurse of similar age to me but shame is she never asks me to *****...............if only!!!!

this is anothr hot story jimz2 your the best!b

interesting fantasy!

Yes, that is the good thing about being a female. I only choose a female doctor because her fingers are slimmer than most men doctors. It works out to be about 50/50 between men or women doctors. Just didn't matter, always got too excited anyway. It's too bad insurance doesn't pay for those exams a lot more per year than just

I guess that's the good thing about being a female...can't be too sure unless you see *** or hear the sounds of excitement. I think my sigh may be have been interpreted as me not being ok. I just hope he didn't realize that I thought it felt good. Even if he did, oh well...he won't see me again for another year. :)

Yes, exactly! I am alone every time, unless there is a State Law that requires it. Texas comes to mind, and it was still hot when she said turn around and bend over the table, knowing someone else watched too. They poke and prod and run their hands in areas that you just can't keep control. I do spend a lot of time being red faced because of the erection that hits before he or she ever starts down there. And finishing up at home.....

Yes and at least one other person in the room too. When he's doing the breast exam, I keep hoping that my nipples don't get too hard. I know that it's his job and that he see's all kinds of bodies but still....the cool temps and then his hands. It's like...dude just go for it and make me ***. I end up going home and taking care of things myself. Talk about one heck of an ******.

Don't be sorry! It's not TMI. I wanted to hear about it after your last comment, I just was a little too shy to ask. It is so strange, I start getting excited before I even get there. It's so hard to control yourself the whole time. Do they make you cover with those oversized paper towels too?

I know what you mean. I get pretty excited about it. I know that this is TMI, but the last exam I went to was last month and I swear, I thought I was going to *** all over the dr. when he put his finger in me and started to feel around. I sighed and he asked me if I was ok. I said yes. I wanted to tell him to keep going...couldn't though. Sorry about the TMI.

Thanks hikerchick! I think there are a lot of us out here that do have these fantasies. Just so hot thinking about the exam.

Like Sarah, I have a fantasy about going to the gynecologist too.

Absolutely! There is no better place for one. Now if i can only get those stirrups working.

That's a very hot fantasy. Nurses and doctors are always a good fantasy! Good for what ails you? Lol....

Please don't tell anyone but I did in the exam room when she slipped her finger in one time. Couldn't control it that day. Went everywhere.

Thanks Sarah! I so look forward to going every time, bet you do to!

Thanks! One day maybe we will both have our dreams come true!