Female Dermatologist

I actually have a female dermatologist that I visit yearly since I had a small skin cancer removed. She is about 20 years younger than me and very attractive. Due to my history, when I get an exam, it is all over. She has examined my shaved armpits, chest and legs, sometimes not freshly shaven. She has gone through my trimmed or shaved bush and scrotum and around my penis. The part that I love best, and I attribute this to being more attracted to males, is that during all the exams I have ever had, I have never even once become even slightly hard. My tininess has remained totally flaccid every time.

I always hope she will make some comment about my shaving, but she always remains very professional and nonplussed. I find it really fulfilling that a young attractive female, looking and touching, all over, has absolutely no affect on my libido.

All the more reason to remove what is down there.
AndiSissy AndiSissy
56-60, M
Dec 11, 2012