Lo and Echo

I grew up having dogs and cats.

My first dog was a German Shepherd/Husky mix named Brownie. She was an awesome dog, but she died when I was 11.

The first cats I remember were Squirt, Carrie, and Chester. Then I got Lucy when I was 9. Carrie was deaf and she went away one day and we never saw her again. We assumed it was the coyotes. Chester was a sweet gray kitty. She too went away one day, but several days later returned looking quite chewed up and she died. Coyotes. This wasn't long after we got Lucy as a 6-week-old kitten. Squirt died a couple years ago from old age. Cat was 2 years older than I was. I'm going to be 25 this year, so what does that tell ya? Yeah, she lived to be an old cat. Lucy just died this year. I assume she died. She was a casualty of the carelessness of the woman who was supposed to be taking care of her and my dog, Kinza (well, actually she's been my parents' dog since 2001, but still). She disappeared back before the summer of 2007 began (or somewhere around there) and they've not seen her since.

Kinza I got for my 13th birthday. She is an Australian Shepherd/Airedale mix and she too is an awesome dog. I absolutely hated having to leave her behind when I moved from Colorado to Texas when I was 18 to go to school.

Lexie was a birthday present to me from my boyfriend (currently husband) when I turned 21, and while she was a good dog (she was fantastic with our son who was born 5 months later) she was just too hyper for us to handle. She deserved to have a home where she had a big back yard and someone to play with her almost nonstop to wear her out for 5 minutes. To my huge regret (I still miss her) we gave her up to the Humane Society. I hope so badly that someone adopted her and that she found the home that she deserved. I'd never forgive myself for it otherwise.

Before we gave Lexie up, we got 2 kittens. Tippy was a Mother's Day present from my husband and Snickers was a birthday gift to my husband from his best friend. The two were best friends and were fairly inseperable. Tippy was my baby and, even, my familiar I believe. And they LOVED Lexie, another reason I felt so horrible for having to give her up. Snickers liked to suck on Lexie's elbow. *giggles*

When we moved from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City in 2006, devastation hit rather quickly. Tippy was accidentally killed by a car just under a month after having moved. The house we were living in, it had turned out from the beginning, had holes in the walls through which the cats could escape and it was almost impossible to prevent it. I was heartbroken and shattered when she died. We'd come home to discover her little black body lying by the side of the road and I aboslutely lost it. It was after 1am and I'm surprised I didn't wake the neighborhood with how loudly I cried.
Snickers' death a couple months later was no less tragic. But at least Tippy's was an accident. The a**hole who ran her over did it on purpose. I should know. I heard it happen. The car didn't slow down or anything, didn't honk. Nothing. Just barrelled down the street and killed her. Again, this was also late at night, but she had more than enough white on her body to where you couldn't possibly not see her. I heard her scream when she was hit and I saw the car when I ran outside. The b***ard never even stopped. And because he lived just down the block on the corner from us, I had to see his car every day and twitch to keep myself from beating the s**t out of his car with a bat and leave a message on it saying "You smashed my cat, I smash your car".

So, for several months we were forced to live in a home that was completely devoid of animals. Before we moved out of that s**tty-a** house, the only animals we had in there were a little family of mice that resided somewhere in the kitchen. And believe it or not, I loved those mice. They were the only sign of life in an otherwise completely empty house, and it was empty for reasons I don't wish to discuss right now.

Getting to the point of this rather long story, Lo (short for Little One) came into our lives a year ago. And she has done so much to mend the emptiness that had come from the loss of our beloved pets. She is as much a lovey kitty as Tippy was and while I still miss Tippy and Snickers terribly, Lo makes it easier to bear.

After we had to give up Lexie, my husband had made a promise that whenever I felt ready to get another dog, we'd do it. It's been over 2 years since we gave Lexie up. And today marked the end of the time where we didn't have a dog.
We brought Echo home today. She is this ADORABLE tan and cream Lab mix puppy. Last week we'd gone to the local animal shelter just on a whim. Neither of us were really expecting to find a dog that grabbed us, but she sure did. She has such a sweet face, bright, expressive eyes, and she's affectionate to boot.

My husband is not a dog person, so the fact that she grabbed his attention first and that he liked her from the first really says a LOT.
And she's such a good puppy already! She doesn't fuss a whole lot when she has to be in her crate, she hasn't yet had an accident in the house. Every time I've taken her outside, she's immediately gone to the grass to do her business. She's a very good puppy! And I think that she's going to be good for this family, even if my husband and I don't stay together.

I still think a lot of all my other pets that have come before. I still think about Lexie a lot and still find myself wishing I knew what became of her. I'd wanted to try to keep tabs of her so that just in case she hadn't found a good home with the Humane Society and they got to the point where they were going to have to euthanize, I'd wanted to adopt her right back. But I never got to find out. I just hope so badly that she was adopted into a good, loving home. And I'm grateful that we found Echo.
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Feb 7, 2008