Coltus Magnificus

25 years in their company has taught me one thing. I have a special affinity with Big Black Dogs.  Geordie was a tri-colour rough coat Scotch Collie. He came to me as a 7 month old rescue from a breeder. We had 17 wonderful years together, and when I lost him I just knew - never again would I have a dog to compare. Gentle, wise, perfect in every way. The truest of companions. How wrong I was.
When I said Goodbye to Geordie, I had a 6 month old Boxer, Rosie. For the first time in my memory I had only one dog. I started calling her 'My Little Rosie Onedog'. It just didn't feel the same. All the love I could give her, just wasn't enough. I needed, have always needed, more of an outlet. I have a pack worth of love in me!  We were together, just the two of us, for 6 months. Then I heard - through a chain of people - about a dog that was needing a home. I resisted at first, but after at least 3 people telling me I HAD to see him, he was MY KIND OF DOG, I went and had a look. He was living on a farm, but he was confined to a small yard. A yard he shared with 5 assorted Terrier crosses. He was a Goliath among them, His legs were covered in fresh sores and old scars, where one, maybe two, or perhaps all of those other dogs had been nipping and biting him. He was an outcast among them. As I saw him for the first time, he was being nipped by one of the Terriers. His reaction? A look of such stress, but his head held high, and as his legs were bitten and chewed, lifting his feet. It was like a dance. But never once a snarl or snap, just the head raised, stoically trying to raise his legs away from it. He was let out of the yard to come and meet me and Rosie. We walked through the paddock, Rosie showing her delight by constantly bowing before him, bouncing like a Springbok around him, and wiggling her little butt like crazy! And Colt? He stayed right beside me, his head smoothly fitting under my palm as I walked, and when I would stop - he would sit beside, and gently lean against me. I had tears in my eyes, I had such a feeling of - Mine.  I couldn't believe it, I had found my 2nd Once In A Lifetime Dog.
Colt was almost 2 years old then. He is a Border Collie cross, with what I'm not sure, but he has the build of a Newfoundland and the looks of a Border Collie. He has been with me for almost 9 years. We lost Rosie after 6 years of Colt joining our gang, and for those 6 years he was her idol. He was also her cushion. When Colt would lay down, Rosie would go in to reverse and lower her butt until she was sitting on him. He loved it. :) 
He has seen quite a few animals come and stay with us. Some short term, some long term. All of them have adored Colt, and he has never failed to be gentle and protective of them.

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Thank you OpenSoulSearcher :) I'm happy you enjoyed reading it!

Thank you Soozles. Our last Dane was a blue Dane, she was only 3 years old, but with an old soul sometimes. She was adored. I gave her to my husband for his 50th birthday. Despite all precautions our beautiful girl got biliary and died. She was given transfusions and everything, but it is a new strain. We know of 9 dogs that died within 6 weeks, despite dips, drops and everything else under the sun. She gave me my Minx, a 3-day old feral kitten she'd rescued from the farm mutts, just a few days before she died. X@

Great Danes are gorgeous creatures! It is sad that they have shorter lives, but the time they share is so very special. Morag is a beautiful name for an Irish Wolfhound!<br />
It is so hard to make that decision when they are ill, but if you love your animal - you know when it is needed. (hug) It's a very loving thing to do for them, to put aside all selfish feelings and let them go.

Oh goodness, I'm also crying! I adore big dogs, and we've had amazing, beautiful, loving giants. Unfortunately giant breeds, like Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds do not live long lives. Although Morag, our Irish Wolfhound lived for 11 years before we had to help her go to doggie heaven She'd had breast cancer for a few years, but it had been cut out a couple of times to make her comfortable. Finally, as the vet had said, the pain started. She was only ill for one day before we said our last goodbye. What an incredible being she was. <br />
Our Danes (we had 3) were also gentle giants and loved to park their butts on us or the couch. They all thought they could climb up on our laps, and tried many times to great hilarity! Thank you for sharing. X@

Thanks Shep. I love that we both have/had dogs named Geordie! :)

So beautifully said Sharossody! I'm wiping tears away too! What a beautiful spirit Colt has. This is such a loving tribute to Colt, Geordie, and Rosie. I love this story Sooz. You write from your soul and I understand the "language" you speak.

Thanks Sharossody, I enjoy the memories as I write. I will never be anything but humbled by how lucky I have been, and continue to be. (hug)

I just love reading your stories about your beloved mates... EP wont let me add any more than one reaction, but some tears fell when you discribed your meeting with Colt, another happy ending....[[hugs]]]..S