One Of My Dogs Doesn't Have Much Longer

Let me start out by talking about my very first dog. When I was 7, the neighbors' dog Mocha had cocker spaniel/lab puppies. We got one of them and named her Peaches. Sadly, she died at only 2 months old because one of the neighbors' cats had parvo. I found her dead outside, although I thought she was asleep. The next year, we got her brother from the people down the street. His name is Casey and he just turned 15. The people we got him from found him almost near death in their ditch, but thankfully, a vet saved him. He lives at my parents' house with another dog I'll get to in a minute. Casey is senile, not quite totally deaf, and I've noticed he has a large lump up on the side of his neck. My mom found him in the kitchen not too long ago, making a weird noises and not able to get up. The vet gave him a pain shot and some pain pills, and so far, has been able to move around, although he does need help getting up stairs. He also does this thing where you'll open the sliding door, let him on the deck, then he'll want right back in after a minute. You let him in, and he goes to the sliding door like he forgot he was just outside.

The other dog is Rocky. I got him from the local animal shelter on December 1, 2007 when I was still living at my parents' house. He's German Shepherd, boxer, lab, and chow mix. He's very overweight from all the treats he's spoiled with, like frost paws (ice cream for dogs) and all the human foods he gets. He must weigh as much as I do now!! He sleeps in my mom's bed next to her and he does this thing where, if you're sitting, he'll come up to you sometimes and stick the back end of him near you. If you scratch on the top of him near his butt, he wiggles around and seems to enjoy it for some reason. He's quite a good watch dog, also.

It's gonna be hard when Casey dies, because that dog has been there since I was about 8. He used to be weary of thunderstorms and would climb up on the couch and tremble or get into your bed at night and do the same, right in your face. My mom doesn't think he'll make it through the rest of this year. They do plan on getting another dog, a playmate for Rocky. But so far, Casey is still mobile and he's hanging on for as long as he can.
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Thank you to all who have commented on my stories. I'm going to my parents' house in a while and hope he's not as bad as I think he is.

Poor Casey sounds the same as our first dog we got after we married. She was a little Australian Terrier. She lost the use of her back legs too, she was 17 yrs old.<br />
And we had a maltese terrier who was like your Casey making weird noises, he had a lump in his throat. They are a part of the family and it is so sad when they are sick, I think the only thing you can do is if they are in exstreem pain is to release them.<br />
Just as a throw away, I read a story once by a vet, who explained that dogs can start dementia at the age of 7.... thats sad.

So sorry to hear of your beloved Casey. I have a lab mix whose name is Casey. She is 10 yrs old and a little overweight about 7 lbs. and has cataracts. But we do go to the dog park often with she and my other lab mix who is 18 months. A decline in health is never easy to watch. Hope you and the vet can make her comfortable. <br />
Maybe you can help Rocky with a little walk everyday around the block or if you have a backyard. A game of fetch or find it a couple times a day for 10- 15 min. may help him run off the plumpness and give him a new lease on his health. Save those treats for tricks, like shake a paw, sit, down or roll over. It may seem mean to with hold food while you are eating, but dogs do not think the way we do. They do want to be part of what you are doing so they may watch while you eat, but setting boundaries by saying, "NO, mine!" And making them go to their spot and not beg is healthy for them and establishes the humans as the pack leader. Be calm, be strong and assertive. (from C. Millan)

I'm sorry. It's going to be hard to lose Casey. :(

talked to my mother after I wrote this story today and she said Casey's having a hard time getting up, especially on the porch steps. His legs will just spread out and he'll slip. Poor baby....he's going fast....:(