Miss Wen And Miss Lex

I have 2 dogs...Retriever and Boxer. Kind of a weird breed to have together but they are partners in crime and fun!
My boxer Lexi is afraid of plastic bags, pillows and pretty well her shadow, sort of snobby as in will not sleep on the floor- only bed or couch
My retriever Wendy (son named her as a toddler) will do what she wants when she wants, we failed obedience school becuase
she is that stubborn. She's well mannered and is ready for anything! Both dogs are great with kids! And protective of them!

Minus the shedding of dog hair they are perfect!
marriedmama marriedmama
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

That's the one thing I really dislike, hair shedding. And both shed. Everyday I run the broom and it's a big pile of hair. I brush them regularly but doesn't seem to ease up on the hair.

And they sound as all dogs should be.... my sister has a motel and she has clients that come to teach "seeing-eye dogs"..... the hair shed from the dogs creates a big problem.