Something pamster mention about her cat having a favourite toy, triggered me thinking about the toy bag my spoilt maltese has.
It is a clear see through plastic bag with rope handles, he pulls on one of the handles and burrows through the contents until he gets what he is looking for. He has 3 favourites, each has a little scarf, which he nibbles on, as if he is flossing his teeth.
This is a ritual every night after his meal.
You will make the bed of a morning and there will be one or two toys under the blanket. You can put them on the side table and after his meal, he goes looking and down he comes with one to floss the teeth.
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Our little Maltese/Pomeranian cross has a rope toy with a squeaky plastic bit on it and even though she is nearly 3, she still loves squeaking it and rolling around on the floor with it just as she did when she was a puppy! Thank you for sharing about your own cute pook.

clever dog!!!

Flossing dog!<br />
<br />
Mine used to "go to the gym" in the backyard :D

It's a never ending saga with them. And when one goes to the Rainbow Bridge, you think, no I can't bear to get another, but of course you do as they are our lives.