Teenagers Do Stupid Things

This happened recenently. I'm a 15 year old guy who will be turning 16 soon, I invited two friends over to my house before we left to go on a bike ride and smoke pot. Me and one of my friends that first arrived both had a shot of absinthe and a shot of tequila, then our other friend came over and had one shot of absinthe. My mom then called and said she was at the grocery store and would be home soon and I told her I am with 2 of my friends and we are going to go on a bike ride so I hung up the phone and we left. We rode our bikes to the beach and went into a small cave that you have to crawl into just to see it, then we left to go under a resturant on the beach to smoke. So we smoked a lot and then we went to kfc across the street to eat but I just got a water cup because I didn't have any money on me and I didn't want to borry money from them. So after that it started getting dark and we rode towards the center of town and started climbing on roofs and the by the 3rd roof you had to walk across thin sheet metal and then climb up a wall. Im 6'3 and weigh 175 pounds and I am not totally muscular but not really skinny. I could have made it up the roof but I couldn't push myself to do it because I was telling my friends that I would fall straight through and that the cops would come but I was thinking I have been pushing my luck all day and I would get in deep **** with the police. One of my friends still had his backpack with weed a two bottles of tequila and I was about to get down when I saw a flashlight and a guy running towards me. I got down off the shed and he pulled out his taser gun and told me to get on the ground. Then 3 other cops showed up and one of them got my friends down and he was holding the backpack with the contraband. Once I saw that he had the back pack I thought for sure I had ruined the rest of my life and would get arrested for doing really stupid stuff. I was very nervous for the consequences and one of the cops called my mom to come to the scene. We all sat on the pavement while they talked to use. Once my mom arrived one of the cops went to her to talk to her about the situatiion. He came back and the female cop said I was free to leave and to not do anything like this again and that this was a lesson. I paused and looked at my friends and then she said you can stay if you want to get fined so I stood up and walked and paused and looked back and she said that this is a good time to leave. Then the cop talking to my mom said my name and said don't do stupid things and then my mom asked me why I was doing stupid stuff and punished me with only the consequences of not being able to hang out with the friend that had the backpack but it wasnt terrible because he if kind of an idiot but can be okay sometimes. But I was punished the hell of of with shame and regret and I couldn't stop thinking about what I did. She said I have to tell my dad who is border patrol and customs who would kill me for something like this. I haven't told my dad yet but she doesn't act like I have to any more. Then next day I just lied around the house with my thoughts but I felt much better than last night. I feel okay now and It's been two days since the incident but I really want to change my ways and try to stay away from drugs for a while and make better choices. Can anyone help in anyway like advice how to stay away and be above the influence etc?
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stay away from your friends stay away from drygs and booze