I Feel Pressured To Lose My Virginity

I'm 18 and a virgin. I feel like I have to lose my virginity as soon as possible because I'm getting older. But the thing is, I don't have anyone to lose it with. I mean someone I care and preferably a virgin too. I don't want to just hook up with anybody because I might regret it. I feel pressured. I'm in college, and everybody's doing it except for me. I can definitely say that I'm not ugly. I dated this one guy for like 2 years. He was waiting til marriage and I wasn't but I didn't mind not having sex because I was almost certain that I had him and we were gonna lose it to each other. Apparent, it didn't happen. I want to lose it with someone important to me but I don't have anyone. I want to wait for the right person but I don't think he is coming. I need your advice. I need to hear anything from you guys that will uplift my spirit. Do you think it's unlikely to find a virgin guy, 18 yo or older?

I prefer a virgin because, if I lose it to him and we break up, at least I can say that I lost it to a virgin. Where as if I lose it to someone experienced and we break up, then I'll be devastated because I've given it to someone who just came by.
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If you decided to loose it, pick a man in his thirds to forty. They have the experience to made it great for you. But tell them your a virgin,otherwise you might be power ****** because having such a young thing makes us want to show are alfa male claiming the prize(*****) deal

seriously, WAIT<br />
do not just lose it to someone u think ur in love with. or ANYBODY for that matter. WAIT for marriage to be honest i wish i was a virgin, i wish i hadnt lost it to my first serious relationship. we turned 9 months and decided we would stay together forever. had sex we both lost it to each other but then he left me like i was nothing important and that scarred. specially after u have another relationship and that person isnt experienced. they feel like ur just getting sloppy seconds. take care of ur body. respect urself because look what happened to me. im only 17 wore a condom had sex condom broke and now im pregnant. dont get influenced by people. its not a big deal and trust me when its with the right person it will feel right.

Just so you know being a virgin at 18 isn't "old", I was 24 when I lost my virginity. I can't say I was totally innocent but I was still a virgin in the traditional sense. I wanted to wait to create those memories with the right person. I had no illusions about him needing to be a virgin (he wasn't) or about getting married (but we did). It was about sharing a special experience and knowing I would have no regrets, even if the relationship didn't last, because I trusted him with my self respect. I knew he would treat me with kindness, tenderness, dignity and respect no matter what I decided. <br />
<br />
Ironically, I didn't say "it must be love and we will be together forever." I just thought, " here is a great guy whom I trust, and I know he will make this a good experience. " just turns out I did marry him after all.

Twenty year old Virgin here with a purity ring!!! Wait, it's a lot better. There is no worry of being pregnant, no having to take birth control pills which increases cancer risk and a happier free life with no heavy emotional stuff to deal with or worrying if you're boyfriend is cheating or if he loves you.... My friends have been through this and it's terrible seeing a group of young girls having all of this emotional stress. My cousin who is 19 just disappointed everyone in the family by getting pregnant for a 30 something year old guy. He's taking care of her even though she still lives with her parents. However, who is to say if he'll stick around later after the child is born. She's a child for peter's sake and still very naive and spoiled. Later he's going to want a wife and someone who can manage a household. Think hard about this. Be happy with your life, make friends, explore yourself. I am and bloody happy!!!

I agree that it will happen when it happens, and that you shouldn't feel pressured by social expectations or boyfriends. I also agree that it would probably be a better experience for you if your partner is experienced. (My first experience was almost(but not quite) enough to put me off sex for life!)

There is a lot of sound advice here. Don't let peer pressure push you into something that you will later regret.

Thanks, Marji, for pointing out that we may all have been too hard on the poster. I am sorry if I was, truly. It just stopped me as I was cruising by, and I was totally hoping that it did NOT have to do with what I was afraid it had to do with, you know?<br />
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I also agree with you Marji, that mutual virginity is not necessarily a good idea, and it certainly is not a good idea to pre-judge the other person on the basis of whether or not he or she is a virgin.<br />
<br />
Actually, I think it would be a better idea if one of the two actually had a little experience.<br />
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But in any case, I repeat, morgan, do NOT do something sexual just because others pressure you to do it -- do it ONLY when you and you alone are ready!

I'm with MidnightFantasy... what has this to do with Dogs?<br />
<br />
Honey, you will lose your virginity when YOU are ready to do it. DON'T pay any attention to anyone else who might pressure you. Do it when it feels right to YOU.

ladytracy . well said

Don't say you might regret losing it to someone you don't care about.....you WILL regret losing it to someone you don't care about. You're very smart to wait, as you mentioned above, you had a bf for 2 years, well, another one will come along even if it doesn't seem like it now. Believe it or not I know quite a few people that were in their 20's when they lost it so please do not feel pressured, you only have one first time, make it something beautiful,not something u regret

virgin no one cares why should you . it will happen when and were how no one nos just you . be happy virgin dont get s.t.d. or make babbies