The Victory Belongs To The Whole Bayern

Beijing, January 27, 2011 in the morning, the German Cup final 4-0 to Bayern Munich 04/01 and it advanced to the semifinals of Aachen. Robben with the Replica Soccer Jerseyplayed just 18 minutes sent a perfect ball to a dataset bluntly after the game coach Van Gaal Peter Pan has been fully restored. In addition, the statements of Muller scored twice in Bayern dominated the game, deserved to win promotion. Since the first round of the Bundesliga, it was again Robben for the second half, of the Bundesliga giants dominating performance gradually weak king. Consecutive games scoring 4 goals in the victory over Bayern hung rival supporters, but disapprove of the coach Louis van Gaal has been crowned with a smile. Van Gaal observations tend to team Dasheng simple: "It was a great victory that belongs to the club from Bayern Munich is almost no big player Shangting, Robben with the National Team Soccer Jerseyshas been fully restored to watch the game!.. performance against Werder Bremen when it starts is our key man "Bayern captain Mark van Bommel to flee from the Apennines to join Milan, Ram took the captain's armband, the new captain, said:" We have half the playing time regarded as the high performance level, the team played very well overall, the team is now in a good rhythm on the rise. We have lost something of the opportunity to compete (in allusion to the league title), and advanced to the German Cup semifinals for us to re-establish clear goals. We want to preserve the corridor of the second half, in the league, we have enough time to solve the problems in the team, this victory so that we can restore confidence and restore hope! "
After the weekend in round 19 of the Bundesliga match against Kaiserslautern after a hat-trick in the game Gómez, also opened the scoring for the team, but missed much more than enter the occasion. The gossan after the game the king said: "The second division Alemannia Aachen performance in this game called magic, very happy that we advanced to the semifinals in fact, Aachen has the opportunity to lead, but did not seize the opportunity gold .. this as quickly as possible to escape the joy of victory, after all, and there are even more severe test ahead. Sorry, not into some goals, but always happy offer fans a good game. "season for the 11 teams goals and 11 assists in the Thomas - Muller, both field goals to seal the victory, said:" Today it is easy to win, but we missed too many chances before My goal before the entire team's performance, half of that -. the objectives used heavily poached or Yu Buzhi with the Bayern Soccer Jerseyfight for the runner-up league Fortunately, our defense did a very good team, if the next game .
Bala rejected loser coach satisfied "with the rival Bayern still have a long way to go in the game can see the positive elements, the first half, we have at least two possibilities for the unit, and. Unfortunately, my team not had a chance Congratulations to Bayern Munich and the German Cup semi-finals qualify for Van Gaal "Orr Aachen captain, said:" The Bundesliga Bayern boss with the Bayern Soccer Shirtsseems to have played better, the distance between them. Obviously players feel bitter defeat has come as soon as possible to adjust. "
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Feb 18, 2011