How I Came To Adopt Bailey.

I had just lost Peaches 2 months prior. I had taken my Mom to the doctor for an appointment. Got that done, and dropped her off at her home. "Mom, I won't be going straight home. I need my puppy-fix. I'm gonna go to the pet store." (Our local pet stores, I used to work there years ago, has dogs from the animal shelter to adopt. No, I wasn't going there to get a puppy, although, I love puppy breath. I was just going to hold some. Everybody knows me there, so I can do what I want.

I walked to the back of the store, and I had to pet the kittens and some of the bigger dogs, too. I heard puppy growling coming from the concrete enclosure, where you can peek over and look at the cuties. I tip-toed over to the enclosure expecting to see a few pups playing tug. No. I was wrong. What I saw was way better. A fluffy pup, alone. Making his own sunshine by shredding some paper. CUTE, CUTE OVERLOAD. None of the animal shelter people were around, they were on break. I leaned over as far as I could to try and pick it up. No luck. I'm not tall. This pup sat down, looked up at me and had the prettiest eyes. Light brown, with some yellow. Gorgeous. "How's the pretty pup? You wanna play? Where's my cutie?" Yepper. It just had to be a girl!! I've always had girls, and only one male dog growing up. It was so gorgeous, had to be a spitfire of a girl.

"HEY, Where's Amy? I want to hold this puppy!," I said while walking through the store.

"She's in the office, Belle, " the fish department manager said.

"AMY!!, AMY!!!, Hi. I wanna hold the pup back there. Where are the shelter people?"

"There's no pup back there."

"The h#ll there ain't. Listen, she's whining for me now." You could hear the pup all the way at the front of the store. Just begging for me to return.

Amy followed me back there and fell in love with the sight of this pup, too. "Hand's off. She's mine." Seconds later, the shelter lady came out and I told her I wanted to hold the pup and adopt it. "Well, he's only been here ten minutes." My heart sank. "It's a boy? I need to think about this." (I had the greyhound at home. A female. And she was 8 years old and incapable of bullsh*t. And this boy, from the looks of him, was going to be big. Thick legs, huge paws. Gonna be big.

Well, they handed me "Jackson, " a Border Collie mix. And he nudged his head under my chin and fell asleep. I noticed he had draining from his eyes and a severe cough. Kennel Cough. Pink eye. I've been through the drill before. I really should be on the payroll at the Vet's office. I digress. "Well, it's settled. I'll take him. BUT, I want his name changed on the record. He is "Bailey" now." (Named after my favorite basketball player that had every played at Indiana. Damon Bailey) After filling out the papers, he was mine. The first month I had him, he cost me $500.00 at the vet. He was very sick. And I made sure the managers at the animal shelter knew that I was very upset because they were and aren't doing for these pets what they should.

Fast forward to when the spouse gets home. He walks in the front door, my greyhound meets him. And here comes this cute puppy, bouncing and growling and playing, walking right up to him. "Whose pup is this?," he said in a beaten kind of way.

"Mine! I adopted him! Isn't he cute? His name's Bailey. And he's really sick, so I'm going to the vet now. But I just wanted you to see this blessing of a puppy before I go!"

"Yeah. Okay. Well. HHHMMMMM." He through the "I thought you weren't going to get another one" in my face. That statement bounced off my back as I shut the door and headed to the vet.

Blessing? I must tell you all......Bailey was the worst pup I've ever encountered. I sat up at night crying, wondering what had I done. I was at a loss. Having obedience training under my belt didn't matter one bit. But he sure is gorgeous. And now he's almost 3 years old. And I wouldn't trade him for a single thing. Not even all the chocolate diamonds in the world!

Oh, and gonna be huge? Not even close. It seems that my dear, crazy, stubborn boy has grown INTO his paws. He's full grown and weighs 45 pounds.
He has settled a tiny bit, still a handful, though.
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My pup was in great health but has some issues... He has a fondness for biting tires and loves to bark at jets. I think he intimidates the jets as they never seem to stick around very long! <br />
On the pre-adoption interview form, there were two questions that I found amusing. One was how long will you give your dog to adjust, and the other asked any reason I might return him. The first, I said I would expect the dog to be comfortable in the home within a week, but understand that the dog may need more time to fully adjust, etc. The other, I said if he turns out to be Cujo, I'll bring him back. Apparently no one bothered to think of that possibility before, as the woman I spoke with found it rather funny.

Nice story, but too bad about the shelter. When I adopted my dogson, the shelter went through long debriefing telling me about his past, including a stint in juvie for petty theft (it was burgers, and he says he only did it because he was hungry). But any animal who had health problems was being treated while there. And anyone who wanted to adopt that animal was told of all issues and given medicine for the remainder of the treatment if an acute condition. All in all, I don't feel so bad now about spending the money I did on the adoption fee given what the shelter did for him and the others.