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The Hot Dog Test And Some Sappy Stuff

Well my puppy graduated from puppy training class.
He is a golden retriever. If any of you have one you know how crazy mad they are about food.
His final test was kinda simple but, of all the dogs in the class, mine was going to have the toughest time.
The instructor came over, had him sit, then held a complete hot dog in front of his nose.

He was not supposed to eat it.

Every fibre of his being wanted that hot dog.

Drool was dripping.

His entire body was quivering.

His eyes were eating that hot dog.

That was not the test though.
The real test came next.

I called his name.

And he turned completely around, sat, and looked at me!!!!!!

Just like was supposed to!!!!
Yes he got lots of treats/hugs after that.

Never one to let a lesson go by, I turned to my two teenagers and said.
Me :"Are you guys proud of him?"
Them :"Yes Dad"
Me: "You know that feeling you have inside you right now?"
Them: "Yes Dad"
Me: "That is the feeling I get whenever I see your smiling faces"

Awwwww. Dad is such a sap eh!
geetar39 geetar39 46-50, M 21 Responses Mar 3, 2011

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Goldens ARE the BEST.

Labs of any kind but Goldens are fantastic

aw... I loved this! My parents have had two goldens..... sometimes I think they forget they're dogs, lol.

Ours does not think he is a dog, or else he thinks we are dogs and he is one of the pack. He has a genuine liking of all moving objects (cats, other dogs, skunks, roomba\'s) unlike our small dog whom only has disdain for anything beneath it (which is everything apparently).

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :) that made my day.

I LOVED this story!!!! Your boys and your dog are all going to have the best possible upbringing!!! (Big smile!!!) May you all have many wonderful and happy days together!!!!

@TG - I hope so.<br />
@TP - Did you just call me 'hot'. Now I am really smiling.<br />
@Venus - Two in a row but you seem not sure. LOL!<br />
<br />
Thanks for the comments.

CC - Awww thanks.

That moment will, later in life, be a profound memory... I'm sure. Very sweet stuff!

Awww (((HUGE hugs))) that was just great!<br />
The teens "got it" and it will stay with them forever.<br />
I love sappy - especially from dads! Bless you<br />

Me too.

I just smiled my face off :) :)

I am happy, and my dog is excellent--but that is her nature--not anything I did. I just got very lucky.<br />
Keep up the great work!<br />
(And quit eating the hot dogs. You're setting a bad example.)

@Quint - yeah they heard me for sure. Thanks for the comment. The training is not over and we may be too easy on the dog when training ends. We'll see. I bet your dog is happy though and so are you.<br />
<br />
@DNA12 - yep. He doesn't know how lucky he is. <br />
<br />
@lBd - great story. Thanks.<br />
<br />
@GmG - I wavered on adding the sappy part, then did in the hopes of getting a hug. Mission accomplished.

i like this story :) i have a chocolate lab wrottwhiler mix (my lil labwrott ) who'm i call CoCo. i know common typical name for a common brown dog.<br />
i have seen the exact same behavior in my dog also (though he's probibly a lil over a year old now).<br />
he gets that he's not sposed to beg for food but he does it neways trying to play off that he's not begging though his actions are how he beggs. he's cute though :)<br />
when he was a pup it was a pretty incredible story about how i got him (which i almost didnt.) but the best part is that when he saw me for the first time (he was like 2 weeks maby i'd say though the sign said 2 months i dont believe it.) he didnt like me much but he didnt turn away from me. i called commere and he came to me then went back to eating and filled himself untill he was waddeling :D cute!<br />
the next time i came back was 2 weeks from that time. i called again to him but this time i called a name. CoCo! commere! he turned his head sideways perked his ears up looked at me wagged his tail and came running up just to lick my face and be held again by me! HE REMEMBERED ME! :D smart dog :D<br />
the message im trying to display by this short story im trying to say i saw ABSOLUTE LOYALTY and LOVE!! good teaching and loving divotion! that's the best way for you to connect with ur dog :D as showed by you.<br />
coco showed only true joy and love in seeing me again and brains that he'd only saw me once and remembered me! <br />
(there is more to this story if you wana know just ask. trust me it gets better)

I should have said owner training part 2 starts next week. My mistake. I keep eating the hot dog.

That was only part 1?!!!!<br />
I have never had this kind of success with dog training. I have to rely on my wits and a dog with a good temperament.<br />
They say the training is really for the owner. I failed I'm afraid.<br />
I am proud of both of you.<br />
<br />
PS--I think the kids were listening and I bet they got it--but it is not cool to show it maybe.

*will be waiting on the edge of her seat to hear the continuing saga*

Thanks for the comments. <br />
I'm not the best at this most times but I did recognize this as an opportunity to express something in a way they might understand. Interestingly, I got no reactions and maybe they had no clue what I was saying but maybe they did and/or will remember when the time is right.<br />
<br />
@Glowy - dog training part two starts next week.

Wow. That was good. <br />
This coming from someone who can only be as happy as her daughters are capable of being. My emotional state is so tied into theirs that some days I cannot breathe. <br />
I love the way you described it here, that parental connection.<br />
It is poetry, if you ask me, when you can say so much with so few words.<br />
I am in awe of YOU.<br />
I loved this. Good dog!<br />
Good Geetar!

Smart dog.<br />
<br />
Smart dad.

You're like their own personal Yoda. : ) Always with the lessons...<br />
<br />
Seriously, though, I'm sure you're happy to have the puppy training over with for the most part. And to not have the dumbest dog in the class! - Yay pup!! And you're such a great rock. <br />
<br />
*is proud to call Geetar her friend*

Gee, I love a sappy guy!