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"i Love My Dog"..............

I talk to my dog quite a bit, especially when i'm on my own with him. I don't think he understands exactly what i'm saying 'but' he does listen and being a sibe, like most arctic dog he will talk back. He does seem to know when i'm upset/ down or not well and always stays close by and is very affectionate when this happens, and often makes me laugh. I had cats growing up too that also often did listen and wre always right by my side and very affectionate when i was having a hard time, and did their own thing at other times. Animals make my world a better place. I think and often are the nicer creatures than some of the humans in this world.Before we had our dog, i would talk to my cat. Whenever i would feel sad, he would nudge me in the face, paw at my back and sit beside me just looking at me as if he just knows! Now when i feel sad, our dog makes me smile because he is always smiling and happy!!! I will start playing fetch with him to help get me energized again. I can talk to my animals easier than my husband................................
Anto815 Anto815 46-50, F Jul 20, 2011

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