Not Just a Dog....a Friend.

WOW...I know guys r suppose to like dogs that r pit-bulls and dogs that fight or whatever, but i have a beagle-rat terrier and she is the BEST THING EVER! Im sorry, lol, but i got her from a very bad owner that mistreated dogs about eight years ago, and ever since then, she is the only thing that has been with me since i was 11...shes been there thru girls and other things that didnt work or got old..prolly the one constant in my life, and I LOVE HER TO DEATH...she does start to whine when i get online though..jealous i suppose, but I LUV HER!

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That's a great story, it's amazing how dogs that are so mistreated by humans can become so loyal to the person that rescued them. I know a story of a pit bull pup that was found almost frozen to death in a freezer, that pup in turn grew up and became a very good loyal dog. It's one of those dogs they use to find drugs in cars passing through the mexican-american border.

aw lol well who could blame her? :P<br />
seriously though she sounds so sweet..<br />
<br />

lol sorry, she doesnt..:( but if she did u could have one :)..yeah i love her to death, but she does get jealous ALOT lol..she whines when im on the phone too...guess she wants all the attention! lol

aw lol she sounds so lovely lol does she have any relatives? lol i could do with someting cuddly

Awwh, my dog whines when I put my shoes on 'cause she knows I'm going out.<br />
<br />
Like you said, they're a constant - and you never - well hardly ever fall out with your dogs and you KNOW that they won't hold it against you.