I Pierced Nose Bothsides

Hi i am Konda rajeshwar Rao from Nellore. I belong to a small village from Nellore. This is my true experience and i do exist so.
My mother always wanted a girl for her. But for long time she did not have children and she used to pray to Godess saidamma in our village for fertility. In the process she would promise that she would bring the child as Saidamma whatever be the gender.
Soon she gave birth to me. And for her promise she brought me up as a girl rather than a boy. I would wear frocks throughout my childhood. Even when i joined school i would go in frocks only. Rarely i would go in T-shirt and short/pant. In the process mother pierced my ears i(i don't remember when). I would go school with tiny danglers in my ears. Later i got a sister too.
But as i grew up i felt it embarrassing and i would started asking mother to me live like a boy. Even my father insisted so. But my mother would turn it down. My parents always had fights on this issue. My mother would not allow even my sister to call me anna(elder brother), infact she made her call me Akka(elder sister).Mom used to call me Raji...
In my later teen ages i stopped following that kind of dressing. When i joined college i asked my father to get me some shirts and pants. By that age my attire was something like this......I used to wear chudidar or jacket-langa(small skirt and jacket) with big sized anklets with lots of bells which would sound a lot( my friends used to call me horse for that sound). My hair style was of like having to ponies with plaits. And i had six to seven different pairs of earrings.Very rarely mother would allow me to wear pant and shirt.
One day during Dussehra holidays mother me asked me to be home entire day. She made me take a bath and tied a tight plated jada(pony). Same was the case with sister. Then a man has come home and mom made us two sit in-front of him. Mom spoke to him for a while and offered Tea. Then he asked same side for both ? mom side left for both.. He was showing some studs to mom. Mom selected a stud with seven stones and said this is for me and a three stoned one for my sister.. I sensed something wrong asked him what are they ? he said "mukku pudakalu"(nose studs) . I just jumped from there and ran away. My sister got her nose done.
After my return mom scolded me a lot and she felt very bad whatever has happened. When my father came he supported me and they had a fight again. Mom called me and told the story whatever happened before my birth and in the evening took me to Godess saidamma temple and said i want to see you in her attire. That attire was in a red silk saree with the hands full of bangles and four necklaces and chains, big earrings in the lower part of the ear and 8 to 9 more towards the upper side (i did't count it). Forehead was covered with golden band and big nosering was there in the left nosetrill and a 7 stoned stud was in the right. And there was a shiny suspension from the septum. Waist was rounded with waist chain and feet were adorned by heavy sized golden anklets. I was shocked to know that mother wants to see me like this. I pleaded mom against making me so. I cried saying my friends would tease me a lot.
The next week i joined college and started wearing pants and shirts and i removed earrings and anklets. I became a boy and was enjoying that ride. After seven to eight months..one day i took five hundred rupees from my mother's locker and enjoyed bunking the college. By my friend's mother she got to know about it..My sister ran to me and told about it. My father was out of station for three days. I ran home before mom could reach there.
When mom reached home to have a dig at me she was surprised to see me. She lost all her anger and said well done. What actually happened is when she came me she saw me in a green chuddidar and big jhumkis. I also wore payal around mt feet. I had dinner with mom and sister in the same dress. Mom was still angry. She did not say anything. I went to her in the night and asked her for a nighty. Mom gave me a blue nighty. She still did't say anything.
Next day i got up early in the morning and had a bath and wore mom's favourite jacket-langa(knee hight skirt) with sounding payal.I also tied my hair(it was still long enough) in a tail of plaits. Mom still did't react. In the evening mom called me Raji...
I ran to her. She asked me " will you listen to my words today ?" i said yes.. She then took me into the front room..where i was shocked to see the same man(piercer) i ran away from on that day.. Mom said he has come for you. Will you get it done...With fear and zeal to impress mom i said yes. He asked whether to do it with a wire or fix a stud.. Mom said he is adult enough to bear the pain..Fix the stud only. Then he marked on my nose....He noticed my reluctance and just put a cute nosering on the left nosetrill and showed the mirror... surprisingly i looked good in it...Then he asked..are you ready? .. I said ..uuun ok. He slowly inserted a tiny hallow pipe into my nose..It brought tears in my eyes...then into the pipe he inserted the seven stoned stud and removed the pipe. Later he fixed a screw from inside. and applied some medicine....He gave some lotion and asked to apply it for one week. I stopped going college...After some days pain was gone completely. Mom was very happy with all this.
Now i don't know why but i started enjoying the touch and feel , weight of the studd and i also started wearing big jhumkis only...One day mom also celebrated my 18th birthday and draped a pattu langa Oni (skirt and chunni). Mom also changed my nos stud and inserted a nose ring. I like it a lot. Soon i started wearing sarees....I got multiple ear piercings...Now i got both my nosetrils pierced and my septum has a beautiful hanging which i like a lot. Now i can't live without all these things..rarely i wear male dresses..Soon i am going to marry my cousin. Her family knows all these things...Infact they are buying most of the things common for we both. I am happy with all these things....This is real.. I will soon post my pictures....
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good , i am also wearing big size 7 stoned studs on both ears for the past 5 years and i enjoyed it and also interested to wear a small nose screws on both sides.

chaala baagundi

Dear Raji,<br />
In your story you have said that both your nostrils & septum is pierced & multiple piercings on your ears. I have seen your photos but I could not see your multiple piercings in your ears & found left nostrils with a small stud / ring. But I never see your right nostrils pierced.

If you don't feel bad, Please post your address where you live with mob number. or sukeshkumarsingh78@gmail.com

Hi, Since you have not uploaded your latest good quality photo and those pictures ate uploaded not clear visible. I request you once again to upload your recent photo.

sukesh your nose and ear are realy piercing pls show your big photo

hi,even i m from india....i love my mom a lot...she knows what my likes and dislikes and she exactly does the same...i never heard such kind of story and hatsoff u respect ur mom a lot...whatever ur doing to her its really great,she is very luckly....moreover its ur life and u should even think about that and also ur getting married..no girl likes to see her husband dressing like girl......i hope u understand....all the best for ur marriage life.........

sorry dost, mujhe laga k sayad tumhari mom ne tumhein emotionally blackmail karke tumhe ye pehnne par majboor kiya. But agar yeh tumhari hi choice thi aur tum isme comfortable feel karte thei , then it was right.<br />
<br />
Sorry once again to hurt ur feelings.

It s Ok.

just3inch..who are you? and what kind of remark is that? I am happy with what i am now...Please do not pass such remarks again. How can you call psycho...I love her whatever her thoughts are.

ur mom was really a psycho, she never found one thing that goddess saidamma doesnot have penis but u have than how can u b like her, ur father must had slapped ur mother when she first bought lehnga for u. did u sleep naked with ur mother,did she used to touch ur sexual parts.

nice dear

very good story

So good. I really liked it

So good. I really liked it

I think anybody would like female attire if they persist with it....