My Best Friend Tilda

I loved her since the first time i set eyes on her.I remember when i was around 5 my mom and step-dad took my younger brother and me to one of their friends house.They told us to pick out a puppy,it was a total suprise,they had told us before that we wouldn't be getting any animals so i was so excited.She was the only one that was blonde in color.We got them a week later,i named her Matilda.We kept them in the house until they came of age that my mom decided she wanted them outside,I was so sad that day we had to take them out but i played with her and she went everywhere with me.She loved to run around and play(her brother died about a month after we had him,it broke our hearts).Matilda was the best i talked to her and acted as though she was a human and my best friend.She is now a lot older and has slowed down,her health is declining.Even though she is old i still love her like i did when i first got her.
lovinglifefree lovinglifefree
22-25, F
Nov 22, 2011