Dogs are great.

Dogs are always there.

Dogs make you smile.

Dogs never make demands of you.

Dogs will always love you.
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Eurasians can be somewhat unpridictabel. They are the result of Chow Chows and other european spitz dogs. Which means you are looking at a rather complicated breed not known for their social skills neither towards people or other dogs. Is he neutered ?. Try to read Jan Fennels books called the dog whisperer and then the second book by her as well. I have utilised her methods with great success. I have got three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet. All of them unneutered dogs all of them getting on very well no animosity among them at all they have not been together all their lives. I have brought them together always considering what my pack consists of rank age diffrence ect ect. If you have any questions and I can be of help let me know. I have had sighthounds since 1986 and I grew up with dogs. It has always been an interrest of mine to know as many diffrent breeds as possibel their history caracteristics and traits.In answer to Rebel yogi.

Not always. Sight hounds are diffrent you will have to work hard at earning their love and trust. They know their own worth and if you are not worthy in their eyes they will ignore you. if they have been subjected to mistreatment they are not as forgiving as some might think. They might get even with you or simply refuse to have anything to do with you and demonstrativly openly love someone else just to show you what you are missing out on. I love their endipendence and their regal manners. I hope I am worthy of my four lads. Three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet. Thanks for sharing being loved by a sighhound is pure bliss to have four in your life is as close to heaven you can get on this side of life. To be loved by them is a priveledge to have them is an honour to know how they are regarded is heartbreaking to make a diffrence in their life is beyond words. They are lifechangers for the better that is. Thanks for sharing your lovely view of dogs.

i have a 5 month old eurasier.... he is dominant and has bitten my 16 year old son, and then went to bite me, but backed off. His temperment is nothing like how the breed is described, he is costing me a small fortune in fees to dog behaviourists etc. I have one more behaviourist to see and if she cant help me sort out his dominance i am afraid he will be put to sleep. Im gutted as id wanted one of these dogs for such a long time, i will be heartbroken if i cannot sort this problem out. My 8 year old son is already afraid of him. It seems so unfair that i researched the breed, met several dogs and owners and breeders and yet my dog is so dominant and easily provoked, nothing like the dogs that i met

I love my Rat Terriers! Truly excellent pooches!

They are not wild at heart they have been domisticated for thousand upon thousands of years. I have got greyhounds one of the most ancient breeds of dogs to ever grace our earth. They are the greatest there ever has been and ever will be once the favorits of kings the only breed to be mentioned in the Bibel. The only breed to have had the hardest fall from grace ever. Once prized for their lineage and their obvious loving nature now adays reduced to cheap comodities only worth something when they win money at the race tracks but consider this. They are wonderful family members soo loving so very gentle so loyal. They are the love of my life I am the fortunate owner of three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet.

Dogs are indeed mans best friend!

no a dog can be a female best friend ha ha ha ha ha dog can do to a woman a man just can not do ha ha ha ha ha

Dogs are the most awesone and incredible creature on this planet... I love my dog so much... <br />
<br />
Can't imagine my life without a dog!!

I just love my dogs, four, Phoenix, Brixton, Roxy and Blacky. Lovely Rottweilers'. Love them to the max.!

I have experienced much joy, happiness, and love from the many dogs that I have had, including my two current, Penny and Fannie!

My little dog, Rosie, was a hurricane Katrina survivor. I found her through Mastiff Rescue about three years ago. She came into my life a few months after my ex-husband (who would not let me have a dog) left me for another woman. Rosie has been so loving and happy, she and our cat, Maggie, have made me realize love comes in may disguises. With their love and sweetness, Rosie and Maggie have made me a healthy, whole person again. I am grateful for them every day.

my dog ella is my best friend, she is a 8 month old dogue de bordeaux and she rules.

I "rescued" four dogs from a shelter and got a wicked suprize. The used me for thier toy.



My daily experiences are:-<br />
<br />
Oscar the basset hound - single minded, loud, friendly<br />
Elsa the labrador - greedy, friendly.<br />
Hector the labrador - enthusiastic but sadly very ill<br />
Hattie the labrador - dominant, aggressive.

i so agree with you . Dogs are the best in every way. I loves my dog.

I love dogs but they have to be trained because they are wild at heart.

i totally agree.bunnydrop

Walks, a few treats, and your company is all it takes. Who else can you say that about?

I couldn't agree more with you, they are always there no matter what, will love you unconditionally and that's enough for me.

I have to say that dogs are the best thing in this world, they give you nothing but unconditional love, and they are very loyal, I will always have a dog in my life, because whenever you are down and out, they are always there for you no matter what, they make you feel so loved, and they are always there to listen, and they don't answer you back, they are the best thing on this planet, dogs are the best and the reason why there are dogs that are so vicious it is all because of the upbringing of the family that they come from. So no matter if you think that a dog is vicious, they could be, but most of the time it is all from the family who raises them to be mean or not to be mean, to me all dogs give nothing but unconditional love, and who ever would hurt such an innocent thing, should be tortured the way they treat the dog.

ive allways said the same its the way they are brought up, my dog is as good as gold hes never had a smack in his loving and gentle.if he has a fault its he gets giddy and barks when he knows im taking him of my other dogs i had she died a few years ago. u could put 3 chews down on the floor in front of her pick each one up in turn and she would bark for the one she wanted.who says they cant talk.

Dogs really are a fantastic pal. What kind of dog do you have?