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My Dog Saved My Life

Wyatt is a medium sized dog.  He is a black and white mixed breed.  I adopted him from a shelter when he was a puppy.  Groomers and vets have told me they suspect he is part schnauzer and part terrier.  He loves to eat any kind of food that comes from a noisy bag.  You can even put regular dog food in a rattly bag and he thinks it is a treat.  He is housebroken.  He can sit, lay down, and roll over.  About four years ago, when Wyatt was just 3 years old, I was at a the lowest point I had ever been in my life.  After much anguish and heartache, I had decided to take my own life.
My morning started out just like all my other mornings had been starting out.  Bleak.  I took Wyatt to the vet to get him squared away with vaccinations and stuff so that no one would have to worry about that and so that he would be ok without me for a while.  I came home and played with him a little, we took a nap, and when we woke up, I began to write goodbye letters to family and friends.  I was also to go eat with a friend that evening.  I planned to go eat, and then come home and overdose on all the medication that I had accumulated.  But Wyatt had other plans for me.  As I was finishing up the last letter, one to my parents, Wyatt began to breathe funny.  He jumped up from his bed and started walking around, looking for his water bowl, and struggling to breathe.  I went and sat down on the floor next to him and noticed that his head had begun to swell.  It was more than 3 times its normal size.  I called the vet who was open late only one night during the week.  Luckily for me it was that night.  He told me that Wyatt was probably having an allergic reaction to a part of his vaccine and that I should bring him in right away.  A friend rushed us to the vet as large red welts began to develop on Wyatt's tummy.  We got there just in time.  They had to shave Wyatt's legs and start an IV.  It had been an allergic reaction to part of his vaccine.  I loved Wyatt so much and he was the only thing I felt I had at that time and so I was so grateful that they had saved his life.  The vet told me Wyatt was lucky to have such a concerned mom. That made me realize that even though I was at the end of my rope, I still had Wyatt, and he still needed me.  I struggled with depression for a few more months before my life began to turn around.  But I owe my life to Wyatt and I have spent every day since that night trying to show him how special he is to me.
TexasGirlieGirl TexasGirlieGirl 26-30, F 100 Responses Feb 23, 2007

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Everything happens for a reason : )

Great story! You great guys both deserve each other.

You Rock! I'm glad you are a caring dog-mom! Please stick around ok? Wyatt, and we need you. Write me if you want... I experienced something very similar to you!

you are very blessed to have him...... dogs are wonderful

oh very good dog...

Beautiful story and Thank God for Wyatt because he helped you not do something harmful to yourself. I know he would have been very sad without you!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALLWAYS and I know deppression is difficult to deal with because I have it too. But it will get better, we just have try our best to be strong and thankfully I have a doggy too, he has helped me through some rough times.<br />

Texas girl, I am glad u are alright now, wyatt is such a wonderful companion.<br />
<br />
Dog is truly a man's greatest friend. Like you, my dog helped me go through my lowest point in my life and it is really an amazing experience that only a dog owner can understand.

You were going to kill your self and leave Wyatt in the house without food and water or outside with out a home? and you loved him so. His head swelled up to three times its normal size, you say?

Too bad

I have recently experienced something similar. I was sexually assualted repeatedly at a job. I had to quit it and have sufffered emotionally, mentally and financially. I was the one who had to go get retraining. Yes, enter school again. More debt. to top it all i had no medical insurance, no income and suffered deep depression. I chose alcohol for my escape. I had many thoughts of suicide. Though never thought I would ever do it. How could I do that to my family? I became so numb that there were times I felt like something was taking over my body and mind. I used to own dogs but had to put them down due to age and health complications. I thought I would never be able to own another. One day I looked at rescue dogs. There was one that struck me deeply. I applied for adoption. after I had hopes up they were crushed. The foster home would not give him up. I did not want any other dog. I wanted him. there was something about him that I felt a close bond. That was in september 09. I avoided looking on web sites for any other until one day I was drawn to look. See if he was still on that site. There he was. My lil sterling. He was still available. I immediately filled out the adoption application, for the second time. Then called the agency. They were supprised that I was still interested. We arranged a meet and greet a few weeks later. Life was really getting tough. very tough. When I met the dog i was shocked and scared. I felt peace. I felt hope. I took him home. He gave me life. he goes every where with me. we walk every day by a large lake, in nature, anywhere we want. Since I have adopted him, I finally got approved for medical, now able to get therapy, school is going better than ever and I have a job lined up upon graduation. I still struggle emotionally. I still fight the emotional battle. But since Sterling came into my life I actually feel I have life. life is worth living. Thank you Sterling you are an angel.

That's an amazing story! I do believe that animals send out good, positive vibes and that whenever we are around them the world, our world becomes a better place.

such sweet moving story, i do hope you (texas girl) are feeling better now. We all have our ups and downs in life, and yes, sometimes it seems life is just too much but you have to be strong and hanging there, and your dog is definitely one of the reasons you need to keep hanging there. he needs you and you need him.

Thank you so much for sharing this story. Pets are such a joy and they will always listen and never criticize. I have three wonderful birds and soon to be 8 Polish chicken! :)<br />
Thanks again for sharing this story, what an amazing heart felt story.

You are really gratful that you still have your dog, most people have lost so much that it had been rediculous . And whyyat and you are very special . Good luck to the futuer Whyatt!!!!!

You are really gratful that you still have your dog, most people have lost so much that it had been rediculous . And whyyat and you are very special . Good luck to the futuer Whyatt!!!!!

I so understand what you wrote. My dog has saved my life so many times and I've saved her life once or twice but what she has given me is 1000 times more than what I feel I give her. <br />
<br />
When I had cancer my dog lay next to me for almost a year. She was always snuggling and by my side. Recently I had a spinal fusion and she is now here by my side again. People are often surprised when I say that there have been times that the only thing that keeps me going is this dog.<br />
<br />
I hope you are feeling better and know you are not alone.

Iost my dog of 15 years stood by me threw depression and one event after another her name was honey she was half mastiff and pit When she died i fell into three year deep depression even thinking about her I well up and start crying Then just this week a go a very special rare lowchen the little lion dog name Teddy came in to my life He lifted my spirts and the depression He only 11 weeks old and being service companion puppy already and cant start till he is year old .

yea,that seems a great dog.<br />
But what I want to say is,value your life,friend.Because we still have more friends like your Wyatt,love and care about you so much.

i loved loved your story- wyatt is my hero and so are you- how are you now??

Such a sad beautiful story I would think that a person like your self would have found some friends by now you obviously are a really caring person I have just looked at the virtual pets site maybe later I will get a virtual pet <br />
Please feel that you can message me I love nature and our enviroment I always love a good natter and would love to increase my friends <br />
Cheers from Jill

Dang this is awesome, im glad your life turned around.

yeah,there was a point when i was wondering if stabbing myself in the would hurt much but i feal better now.

I dont annually vaccinate my dog as too many can leed to reactions like Wyatt, but im glad you had him boostered that day as you obviously needed a reminder that he would need you. <br />
I once contemplated starting a fire in my bedroom by dropping a lit cigarette on to my bed. as soon as the thought had entered my head me beloved Drift got up from a very deep sleep & jumped onto my bed right on the side where I was holding my cigarette. To this day I know she read my mind & without judgement wanted me to know that she was there for me. <br />
Even now that she's no longer with me I know I won't do anything to deliberatly harm myself.

You are a brave girl to look back and write this down. You together with Wyatt will be doing better every day! Kudos!

Wyatt is lucky to have a brave mom like you!

>o<<br />
that made me cry!! lol. It made me think of how many times my dog was there when I was sad. Wonderful story thank you for sharing.

Thats an awsome story! I finally got a dog of my own and everyone makes fun of me because I am so in love with her but she is my reason for getting up and around every day.. yea im annoyed when she pushes me to the side of the bed because she is trying to be close to me.. or when she wakes me up at 7 am cuz she isint tired anymore.. but I cant be mad at her for long because she is just so darn loving! makes my day when she comes to sit next to me.

How are you and Whatt?

How awesome. I have the same problem...I have been pretty much battling depression for a really long time. I ALWAYS wanted a dog but was never allowed to have one growing up. Well,at 30 I was in the worst relationship of my life, and at one of my lowest points..I actually did overdose on pills about 2 weeks before I got my yellow lab puppy. My boyfriend at the time felt that it would make me feel less alone. My dog has been the best thing I could ask for. He is now 7 months and I couldn't imagine not having him in my life. Thank you so much for your story, we have both been through it...I just gave my dog a big hug right now and let him come up on the bed haha...I just discovered this website but love it already thanks to your story. hope to kit

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hi this story is such an inspiration, i too have a dog named tj and he means the world to me, i tell him everything about me that i wouldnt tell anyone else, hope yous have a lovely enjoyable life together xx