Dog Is Man's Best Friend

I have 3 dogs. I only wanted one. I have a German Sheperd, Chow Chow mix. She is my best friend.
My daughter decided she wanted a dog. She lives with her boyfriend at his fathers house. She bought a pocket Chewauwa. She managed to keep it a secrete for about a month before his father found out and told her to get it out of the house. My wife and I had no problem taking it in. His name is Smokey he weighs about 2 lb. WE LOVE HIM! The problem is my wife feared my daughter would take him back when they found their own place to live. She enjoyed having him around so much she couldn't see living without him. She went out and bought another pocket Chewauwa. Her name is Lacy. We now love both Chewauwa's and they love each other. My other dog is Gypsy and she is loved by both of us just as much and she also gets along with the two Chewauwa's. Our lives have changed so much with these three loving dogs. We will love them till the end. My daughter can no longer have her dog back, he is a part of our family now. I don't know what to tell her. Although I think she already has figured that out.

silkydrawers silkydrawers
Feb 9, 2012