You Don't Get The Dog You Want, You Get The Dog You Need.

Its true. If I had got the dog I wanted then I would have a chocolate lab. But instead I left the animal shelter with a hound puppy that's white with black patches and spots (that would grow to be around 80 lbs). She was the cutest thing I had ever seen and she, as they say, "spoke to me". Living in the middle of nowhere, she had a lot of opportunities to wreak havoc. And she did. She would come back most days either green or brown, each time smelling worse. She had NO control over her bladder for about two years, so we had to be careful not to scare her. She would keep me up all night and eat just enough of every shoe so I couldn't wear them again. She would collect things from around the house and hide them in her crate (remotes, her bowl, sometimes a book or a shoe). She has eaten things I didn't know dogs could eat and still be ok. But I've never known a dog with more personality, or one that's so funny and loving. She's gotten me through a lot of bad times, and she still has many years to go. She might not be the perfect dog, but she's perfect for me.
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Mar 7, 2012