Is Your Dog A Zero Or A Hero?

There is no way to know for sure until the time comes. I live in the country and people are always Dumping dogs off.There was a dog hanging around for a long time,that was always afraid of us.He wouldn't even come up to eat until we went inside.Little by little he became more accepting over a years time.My wife said he was worthless cause he was so skiddish.When company came over he stayed far away,would just watch.The family said thedog was afraid of everyone and everything,it would jump every time the door slamed. they wanted to get rid of it,I kept it because I felt sorry for it.My wife would always walk in the evening,the dog got to where it would walk along with her.My wife sad the Dog was useless ,cause when she reached a neighbors house,(this neighbor had two mean dogs) our dog would not walk past their house.It would stop before the house sit and wait until my wife walked to the end of the road and came back,and then would rejoin her on the way back.One day the neighbors gate was open,when my wife walked by,and these two dogs came out and began to attack her. Our dog ( that was sitting 100 yards back down the road) charged up the road and began fighting with both of these bigger dogs.By the time the neighbor came out and called them back our dog was torn up badly,but never stoped Protecting my wife. We took him to the vet it was over 500.00 to stitch him up.This dog was not a coward obviously just very smart,It stopped before the neighbors so as not to upset these bad dogs unnessarly,this is the only explation I can think of, cause when my wife was being attacked It didn't hesitate to suffer great harm to protect her. The dog is o k now ,but still will not let anyone touch her but the Family. My wife has changed her opnion of him,that's for sure.
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Loved this story! I have a huge heart for dogs, as they're my favourite, so I too would try to help one if it came by our place. You obviously have a kind and compassionate heart. I agree, not skidish...just smart and protective of himself and your family. Thanks for posting. :-)

I have four sighthounds and they certainly are more heroes than cowards.They are highly inteligent and their way of keep us all safe is this in case of an intruder they let the fellow in but has the person is boxed in before they take another step. They keep the fellow there till I am present if he tries to move forward there is a warning nip and a sharp bark telling him to stay put.I know my lads will defend me if someone tries anything that is not to their likeing.They may be sighthounds but since they are the fastest in the world I am happy to know them and to own any dog is a priveledge and an honour and no dog is worthless nor just a thing it is a canine that demands both loyalty and protection from the weather as well as cruelty and mistreatment.I have aquired my lads as they became surplus to requirements. I love them with all my heart and being.I will defend them as I know they will defend me ours is a partnership in fact they are my nearest and dearest. They maybe just dogs to some but they are the champions of my heart and the joy of my life.

My grandma adopted a stray cat that came to her as a kitten she wouldn't allow anyone Touch her. and every time the lawn mower started she would run down the road like someone was chasing her. we felt sorry and started feeding her. she allows us to pet her only when we are about to feed her some wet cat food. she is very beautiful

The best pets are those you come by on accident.Just meant to be. :)